Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Early WOODSmith photos

 Irving Jr. High School, Salt Lake City
Camilla Smith in neckless
 Camilla - High School

Camilla Smith
Camilla and niece Lynn Windsor1944
Camilla 1945
'Dee' and Camilla about 1945
(Married 11 June 1946)
June 6,1947 University of Utah graduation
Camilla S. Wood - single women in middle
Camilla and her father Ensign 1947
Camilla, Lynn and Leona 1947
 Kirt DeMar with Lynn and Camilla 1947
known then as 'Dee' 1947
"Dee" and Camilla 1947
'Dee' and Camilla 13 April 1947
Leona and Camilla
Kirt DeMar and G 1948
Camilla and G 1948
Camilla and G 1948

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