Thursday, November 24, 2016

K.D,Wood U.S.Navy

Kirt DeMar Wood and his brother Lex, 1368 Park St. SLC, UT about 1937
 Kirt DeMar Wood
briefly transferred to the Marines
back in the U.S.Navy
1944 Camp Pendleton, CA 
Kirt - 6th
Murry Madsen-St George, Utah, 
V. Carl Merrel-New Mexico, 
K. D. Wood, Salt Lake City, Utah 
Oct or Nov 1945

 'Dee" at Long Beach LDS Chaple, Oct 1945
 Thayne Harris-Malad, Idaho,
K.D. Wood-Salt Lake City, Utah

'Buz' Irwin,
K.D. Wood,
Red Court,
Ken Hayden,

 On back of photo: L.S.T.34 Daydock, Consolidated Corp. October 1945 San Pedro, Calif.
Yes, she is too big-longer than a football field. Higher up than it looks too. Big loaded Army trucks can go thru that mouth.  guns are all off at this "setting." Big daydoch too.

K.D.Wood very back with hat straight over forehead

Dee and Lex
Dee and Lex

These brothers saw each other only once During the War. 

On back of photo: June 17, 1945. Yes, 'dis is me. no, this is not the same picture as the other one with only me. I hope you like these "pix." Army shoes. Yes, that's my adam's apple - whose esle do you think it is or could Be? The flag is a church flad (a cross). Notice in other pictures.  All my Heart "Dee"
The 3 PhM's L.S.T.34
July 14 1945 At Sea
[Pharmacist Mates]
on back of photo: 3 pals July 14 1945
Hayden - Davenport, Iowa
Irwin DuBois, PA
Wood, S.L.C, Utah
Wood, Hayden July 14 1945
[I believe that Ken Hayden became a minister, the Wood family visited Iowa about 1957, a few years later Hayden passed away.]
On back of photo: "Court", "Woody", Irwin July 14 1945. At Sea. On Way Back to States. [Courtney, Wood, Irwin]
K.D.Wood, SLC, Utah

Note: more photo and information could be added.

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