Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WOODSmith Family Photos

 Camilla with oldest of six children 1950
 Ella and Ensign SMITH 1950

L and G 1951
 Camilla G and L 1951
 Kirt D. Wood U of U graduate 1951

Matching fabric is prof that our working mother made these dresses.
Kirt D. Wood L and G 1951


G and L and Grandpa Ensign Smith

3212 South 945 East / with boy next door

G and Grandpa George Ensign Smith 1952

G and L

1952 G, Kirt, L
1952 D, Camilla, L, G

Wood girls and Jack-O-Lantern Oct 1954
 about 1964
Kirt, L, Camilla, D, C, Bonsoir and W
When time passes even a poor photo has value.

Family Portrait 1965
 D and L
 G and C
 1965 or 66

Little Brothers

More Negative of different sizes found, I need a way to print them. Then I can share. 

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