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 The subject of this brief sketch is certainly an unusual mother. Great has been her mission here on earth and well and faithfully has she performed the same. 

Evaline Dunn was born September 12, 1853, in Brigham City, Utah, her father Simeon A. Dunn being- one of the first settlers of Brigham City, and who lived in the Old Fort together with President Lorenzo Snow and others. Her mother was HarrietAtwood Silver who joined the Church in Lowell, Mass., and leaving all her family and friends for the gospel's sake she went to Winter Quarters where she met and married Simeon A. Dunn. [Simeon Adams DUNN was a widower caring for 3 of his 5 young children.] They emigrated to Utah in 1848. Seven children were born to them—three sons and four daughters, viz., Sarah S., Simeon A., Emaline and Evaline (twins), Charles Q., Harriet and Henry who were also twins. 

Harriet Atwood Silver Dunn died Jan. 1, 1858, leaving her seven children without a mother's care. 

Evaline was only four years old at the time of her mother's death. She with the other children were left to the care of their father and [her] older sister (Susannah Dunn), whose mother was 


also dead, and who was only fourteen years of age when these little brothers and sisters were left to her care.

In the midst of poverty, the hard times and privations incident to the early pioneer life in Utah, the children all young—-were subjected to a life of hardship that may be imagined only by persons acquainted with such .scenes.

On Oct. 5, 1868, in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Evaline was united for time and for eternity to Allen Collins Hunsaker. Soon after her marriage, she moved with her husband to Honeyville, where they lived for about eleven years, when they settled in Elwood, Utah, being among the first settlers and again pioneering a new country. Her husband was a farmer and sheep man. He was presiding elder of the branch for over ten years and always received encouragement and help from his wife.

Seventeen children were born to them, namely, Simeon A., Lewis, Eva L., Lily M., Emaline M., Harriet V., Ethel, Adeline (who died in infancy). La Titia, Margaret, Susie, Aleen, Nephi (died at two years), Oscar (died at three weeks), Lorenzo S., Amy, and Harold (died in infancy). Thirteen of the seventeen children born to them are now grown to maturity and all except one (Lorenzo S.) are married and have all had that ordinance performed in the temple.

Surely the teachings, the example, the loving counsel of our parents have not been in vain.

The writer has this to say: If I ever do anything wrong in this life, if I do not keep the commandments given to us as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it will not be because my mother or father have failed to teach me, both by example and precept, every principle of the gospel. Oh, I am so grateful for my parents. If I can only be half as good as my mother, how happy I will be!

Sister Evaline is a faithful member of the Church, bemg a worker in the ward Relief Society and helping in every way she can. She is the grandmother of 74 children and has four greatgrandchildren.

Besides rearing her own family she now has three of her grandchildren whose father (Simeon A.) died in 1902 and their mother in 1904. She has taken these children, the oldest being seven years old, and cared for them until they are now grown to young manhood and womanhood. The eldest, Simeon V. Hunsaker, has enlisted at our country's call and is training in the navy Two of her sons, Simeon A., and Lewis have filled honorable missions, the first to Germany and the latter to England.

For almost forty-nine years she has been a constant companion, a true and devoted wife and a loving mother. Long may she yet remain to be a source of inspiration to her posterity.

Aleen Hunsaker Thomas.

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