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Simeon Adams DUNN Journal History

(copied from his "Personal Journal" by his Grand-daughter, Mrs. Eva Dunn Snow in 1962, since which time the Journal has been used by others of his descendants, and at the present time, cannot be located)

"I [Simeon Adams DUNN] was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on the 3rd Monday (the 15th) of April, 1839 by my Brother, Elder James Dunn, in the town of Van Buren, Wayne County, Michigan, in the Hurph River. I was the first man ever baptized in that River, by authority from Heaven, and he, the first Elder that I ever saw. My wife Adeline [RAWSON] was baptized a week after I was, she being the second person baptized in the River.

I was ordained to the office of Priest by Elder Stephen Post on the 22nd of July, 1839. I officiated in that calling.

In June 1840 I was ordained an Elder by Elders Post and Franklin, in Van Buren, Wayne County, Michigan. In June, 1840 I started for Nauvoo, on foot and alone, 500 miles distant. On June 20, 1840, I arrived in Nauvoo, and for the first time in this life mine eyes beheld an acknowledged Prophet of God. On June 22, 1840, I visited the first Patriarch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he, Joseph Smith Senior, blessed me with a Father's blessing, and explained to me the history of Abraham, from the Scripture.

On July 10, 1840 I started and returned to my home in Michigan, bearing my testimony of the ever lasting gospel, going and coming, with much rejoicing.

On June 20, 1841, I set off with my family, to gather with the Saints in Nauvoo. We arrived in Nauvoo August 5, 1841, settled and lived in that City until the saints left for the mountains. [Adaline RAWSON DUNN died 22 Oct 1841, leaving three children Adaline, Mary, and Betsey. Simeon married Margaret Snyder 19 Jun 1842.]

In April, 1844 I was ordained one of the Seventies, under the hands of Levi Hancock. In May 1844 I was sent on a mission to the State of New York, to advocate the Prophet's claim to the Presidency of the United States of America.

On January 26, 1845, I was ordained and set apart to be the Senior President of the 15th Quorum of Seventies, under the direction of President Joseph Young, Senior President of all the Seventies.

In December 1843, I was chosen by the Prophet Joseph, as one of the forty-three policemen, to guard the City and the Temple of the Lord.

In September, 1841, I was sent to West Canada, on a mission to preach the gospel.

December 27, 1845, I and my wife Margaret [Snyder], received our endowments in the Temple of the Lord, City of Nauvoo, Illinois.

On January 22, 1846, I was called and had sealed to me, Adeline Rawson and Margaret Sneider - Adaline having died on the 22nd day of October, 1841.

On February 6, 1846, I was called with my wife Margaret, and received our second anointings, and sealed on us all the blessings thereof, under the hands of Zebedee Coltran.

[Margaret Snyder dies before May 1846, leaving one child Susanna. Simeon is left with 4 motherless daughters ages 15, 12, 8 and 3. Simeon married Jane Caldwell Waite Kelsey May 1846, she gives birth to Joseph M. Dunn Feb 1847 in Iowa. Jane returns to former husband Eli Kelsey taking Joseph.]

On February 9, 1846 the Twelve Apostles left Nauvoo and crossed the Mississippi River for the wilderness. On May 18th I left Nauvoo to follow in their wake, and shared in all the toils and sufferings of the Saints, until November 20th. After laying out a City called Winter Quarters, on the west bank of the Missouri River, I was appointed one of a company of police to guard the City, [Simeon married Harriet Silver Atwood Jun 1847 in Winter Quarters.] I remained in Omaha until May 16, 1848, when I, with my family, set off for Salt Lake Valley, where we arrived September 28,1848. I remained there until I was called to go to the South Sea Isles, On May 7, 1850 I set off on a mission to the South Pacific Sea Isles.

On April 21, 1852, I arrived home, having been gone two years. In May, 1852, I settled in Box Eider County, and then Weber County. [Weber first then Box Elder]

[Harriet and twin babies died Dec 1857- early 1858.]

In April 1858, I fled south with the rest of the Saints, from Johnston's Army, to elude their grasp. [Family traveled together: Simeon Adams DUNN 54 widowed father, Henry DUNN (twin ) infant 4 months - died on the way, Charles Oscar DUNN toddler 2, Emeline DUNN (twin) 4, Eveline DUNN (twin) 4, Simeon A. DUNN Jr. 7, Sarah Sophia DUNN 8, Susanna DUNN 15, Mary DUNN ENSIGN 24 (husband Martin in England on mission / he returned and found his family before the return to Brigham City.), Mary Adaline Ensign 5, Georgianna Ensign 3, Emma Lovinia baby 1.] On July 25th I broke for home again, Brigham City, by the wise leadership of President Lorenzo Snow, under God.
We have been wonderfully blessed, both temporally and spiritually.

On October 19, 1871, I left Brigham City for the States, on a mission to look up the genealogy of my dead friends, which proved to be a very successful mission. I returned home the 19th of July, 1874, having traveled 10,0000 miles on rail and on the U.S.Seal.

On November 1, 1877, I was privileged with a mission to St. George, Utah, to officiate for my dead in the Holy Temple of our God.

On January 27, 1878, I returned home, having Accomplished the desire of my heart for this time, in this direction.

February 11, 1878 - this year I am seventy-five years old. I have had born to me nineteen Children, thirty-nine grandchildren, ten great- grandchildren, and they are all within the vales of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I can say in my heart, "God Bless You".

Elder, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

This was transcribed from a separate document but seems to be the similar information.

5 page)
Here under the wise leadership of President Lorenzo Snow one of the twelve apostles, we have been greatly blessed both temporally and spiritually.

19 October 1879 I left Brigham City on a mission to the States to hunt up genealogy of my relatives which proved a very successful
mission. I returned … July ’74 having traveled 10,000 miles by rale and bote all in the N America.

1 Nov 1877 – I was privileged with a mission to St. George Utha to officiate for my dead friends in the Holy Temple of our God;

27 Jan 1878 – I returned home having accomplished the desire of my heart for the present, in this direction for the time being I am
now 75 years old.

August 7 1878 – I have had born to me 19 children, 40 grandchildren 16 great grand children, and they are all within the pales of the
Church; I can say in my heart god bless zion; my testimony to this world is, and to all humanity, that inasmuch as they will subscribe
to the ordinances of

this Latter day Church they will never be made ashamed, and they will be raised up at the last day; but those that heed not, I have no promises for them; but those that fight against this work I know that wo awaits them;

Elder S. A. Dunn

[The following is written in a shaky hand and added later. (E. D. Snow)]

Before you is redeemed will suffer hardship and persecution. Mortals must return to the dust. Within the veil, anchored companionship. Dominion, kingdom power & principalities; I go away and prepare a place. It is an order everyone of you together. Don’t know how long we may survive but feel to bless and do good. Mod how by Welch then more…

[I feel the above was written by Simeon just prior to his death. (E. D. Snow)]

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