Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

1971 Our first Thanksgiving without grandparents.
Dad as usual was behind the camera.

Your 7 Mayflower grandparents - 5 lived to attend the first thanksgiving.  

1-William Brewster - 13th great grandfather.
2-Mrs. Mary Brewster wife of William - 13th great grandmother. [possible maiden name - Wentworth]

3-Edward Fuller - 13th great grandfather . He died the first year. 
4-Mrs [Ann] Fuller - 13th great grandmother. She died the first year. [some people are not sure her name was Ann]
5-Samuel Fuller - 12th great grandfather  son of Edward [On the Mayflower at age 12. He should not be confused with his uncle Doctor Samuel Fuller who was also on the Mayflower.] 

Two disputed grandfathers: 
6-Peter Brown - 10th great grandfather. [Some people may disagree about Peter Brown Jr. as Peter Brown's son]

7-Stephen Hopkins - 12th great grandfather. [Some people may disagree about Berthia HOPKINS as Stephen Hopins daughter.] 

NOTE: for information on these grandparents follow the Mayflower label. 

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