Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1958 Slide Show

More slides to be found and added.
18 January 1958 before

18 January 1958 after


C. D
 Virginia Tanner Dance - C, D, L 
  Virginia Tanner Dance - C, D, L 
 We got the photo but when it came to the recital we couldn't afford the costumes and had to quit dance.
G and Grandma Laura

C, Camilla, Bob Dalton on step and Aunt Eva Steiner at HAWKES reunion in St. George

D and C model 1958 swim wear

26 June D, Chase, C, Cass, L

26 June D, Chase, C, Cass, L

October 1958 L, D, G, C

Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon, mom with the kids in the car

 Christmas Dresses 25 Dec 1958 G, L, D, C 

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