Monday, November 19, 2012

1959 Slide Show

More to slides be added as they are scanned.
 D, C 8th East
  D, C
Camilla and WK
 L, C, WK, G  8th East
L, C, G, WK 8E
 L, C, G,WK, D 
L, C, WK, G, D
Easter Morning with the Dance girls who lived in grandma's side of the Duplex that year. 
Virginia, L, G, Kathy, D, C 
Grandma, WK, Mom
2 June Canyon Picnic
Kirt DeMar WOOD 1959 Master's Degree in Education
June 1959 University of Utah
front WK, G, D, C, L, back Camilla, Kirt D, grandma Laura
Kirt D. WOOD earns a Masters Degree pictured with his mother
 A summer picnic grandma's and grandpa's house Whitlock Ave. - G, Camilla, L, Lynn
Another picnic at grandma's and grandpa's house - L, Camilla, C, G, Myrle, Grandpa Ensign, Leona
 C, L, D, WK, Camilla, G
 HAWKES family reunion D, Camilla, C,-----, Eva Stiener far right
C, a visitor from Maine, D
C, WK, mom-Camilla, D, visitor from Maine, L, G, grandma-Laura
 L, Uncle Cass
Sunday afternoon at grandma's house
Camilla, WK, Ella and Ensign SMITH
The new house
We moved to Fieldcrest Lane 
C, WK, D
C and WK just moved into new house
  WK - Fieldcrest Land

W in Grandma's heirloom chair
Chair belonged to Laura Elizabeth PARKER WOOD, she lived with us.  
Originally owned by her parents.  It is now owned by her granddaughter (D).  
 WK and L

Christmas Dresses - L, G 28 Dec 1959
 L, G Fieldcrest Lane
WK, L Fieldcrest Lane

D and C
The spruce Christmas tree came complete with a root ball.  It was planted in the front of the house.  It became too big and later home owners cut it down. 
 Dec 1959 - L, WK, G, D
or is it January 1960

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