Sunday, November 18, 2012

1957 Slide Show

1957 Camilla and L on the porch at 2825 S. 8th E.
[On a recent trip to Utah I had driven by this house to show my daughter where I had lived.  When I came home I found this picture.  For just a moment as I glanced at the picture, I felt as if I was traveling in time.]
In May on the front lawn 8th East - D, C, our best friend Paula Goodwin, G, L, friend.
May - clockwise D, G, Camilla, L, C
 May - C, G, D, mom, L
May L, G, C
 Sniffers C, D

Grandma's fruit trees G, L, Camilla with C and D

Grandma's iris G, L, C, Camilla, D
 New Jersey dinner with Cheryl Courtney, Geo Courtney was a Navy buddy of dad's, he took us to see New York City Summer 1957

Empire state building - Geo Courtney holding D, L holding C, Camilla

Manhattan - Camilla in center L to right and Geo Courtney on far left
Green Lake  Hair washing near Bangor, Maine - D, G, mom washing L's hair

We stayed in a mouse infested cabin on the lake while mother was going to classes.  When we were bothering him Dad had always said "go jump in a lake."  This summer we would ask him to say it, then we would jump in Green Lake.  
Summer 1957 University of Maine at Bangor Camilla in blue L, D, C at her feet

Uncle Henry took us to the Hill Cumorah for the pagent

Family Christmas Eve Dinner - SMITH, WOOD, KRAVET
Christmas Morning 1957 - C, D, L, G

More 1957 slides to be added as they are scanned.

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