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William BUCKLAND 12th Gr. Grandfather - The Great Migration Begins


27 S
eptember 1631: "It is ordered, that Josias Plastowe shall (for stealing 4 baskets of corn from the Indians) return them 8 baskets again, be fined £5, & hereafter to be called by the name of Josias, & not Mr., as formerly he used to be, & that Will[ia]m Buckland & Tho: Andrewe shall be whipped for being accessory to the same offense" [MBCR 1:92].
COMMENTS: On 7 July 1635 a William Buckland appears along with the sons of Edward Bosworth as one of "Edward Bosworth & his family" whose transportation had been paid by Henry Sewall [MBCR 1:152 (and see JONATHAN BOSWORTH)]. This William Buckland had married Mary Bosworth, daughter of Edward, and it might seem that William of the 1631 record could be the same as the William who married Mary Bosworth.
While this identification remains possible, it is far from certain. The two eldest of the known children of William and Mary (Bosworth) Buckland were Lydia who married about 1655 John Brown Jr. and Joseph who married in 1659 Deborah Allen [Bosworth Gen 60]. The gravestone for Joseph Buckland provides an age at death from which a calculated birth date of 26 June 1633 may be derived. If Mary (Bosworth) Buckland arrived in 1634 with her father, or even if she came with her brother Jonathan, she could not have had a child in 1633 with a man who had been in New England since 1631.
In order to have the William Buckland of the 1631 record the same as the man who married Mary Bosworth, we have to believe that William Buckland returned to England in 1632, married Mary Bosworth, and then sailed for New England again in 1634; or that Mary Bosworth came to New England a year or two before anyone else in her family; or that the age at death given for Joseph Buckland is in error. While one of these hypothetical situations might be true, we do not know that any of them was, and so we will not combine the two William Bucklands into one. (See also footnote on Bosworth Gen 51.)
The Great Migration Begins

Ancestry Chain: William BUCKLAND 1631 Immigrant, Lydia BUCKLAND b.1628, Capt. John BROWN b.1650, John BROWN Capt. b.1675, Martha BROWN b.1729, John JEFFORDS b.1746, Lucretia JEFFORDS b.1766, Amariah RAWSON b.1787, Adaline RAWSON b.1811, Mary DUNN b.1833, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859,George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark, JR.

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