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David WILTON 10th Gr. Grandfather - The Great Mirgation Begins


RIGIN: Beaminster, Dorsetshire
ST RESIDENCE: Dorchester
REMOVES: Windsor 1636, Northampton by 1660
OCCUPATION: Trader [Pynchon Papers 2:13, 22, 24-25, 30, 31, 34-35]. In late 1632 William Pynchon, as Massachusetts Bay treasurer, reported receiving payment from "Davis Wilton of Dorchester" for his part in the beaver trade [MHSC 2:8:231].
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Dorchester church prior to 11 June 1633 implied by freemanship.
"I here note down concerning br. Lieutenant Wi[l(ton)] did remove from Windsor Church to go to No[rth(ampton)] to help further a Church there the beginn[ing] March 25, and now February ye 6. 1677. he wa[s b(uried)] here in Windsor, he died the day before" [Grant 9]. (This record is much mutilated in the original, and so some portions of this passage have been lost.)
FREEMAN: 11 June 1633 [MBCR 1:368].
EDUCATION: He signed his will. His inventory included "books" valued at 15s.
OFFICES: Dorchester fenceviewer at the north field, 8 October 1633 [DTR 3].
Deputy to Connecticut Legislature, April 1646, May 1650, September 1650, May 1651, September 1651, May 1652, September 1652, May 1653, September 1653, May 1654, October 1655 [CT Civil List 63]. War Committee for Windsor, May 1653 [CT Civil List 63]. Jury, 24 October 1644, 4 September 1645, 9 October 1645, 19 May 1647, 22 November 1647, 28 December 1648, 6 December 1649, 20 February 1650[/1], 7 December 1654, 4 March 1657[/8], 5 May 1658, 3 March 1658/9 [RPCC 29, 36-37, 46, 48, 57, 72, 93, 132, 185, 188, 197].
Chosen ensign at Windsor on 28 May 1655 [Brady Anc 379, citing Windsor Town Records]. Lieutenant of the Hampshire Troop by 1663 [Brady Anc 384-85].
ESTATE: On 6 January 1633/4 the town of Dorchester "ordered that the marsh and swamp before Goodman Hosford and Davy Wil[ton] shall be divided among themselves and Simon Hoyte" [DTR 5]. Granted Lot #44, five acres, in the meadow beyond Naponset [DTR 321].
In the Windsor land inventory on 2 February 1640[/1] David Wilton held nine parcels, the first five of which were granted to him: one acre within the palisado; "a homelot four acres and half"; seven acres in the Great Meadow; fifteen acres in the Northwest Field; over the Great River a parcel eighteen rods in breadth; a homelot by purchase from Thomas Ford; five acres and a half in Hoyte's Meadow by purchase from Elyas Stileman; "by purchase from William Hill all the land about his dwelling house"; two acres in Hoyte's Meadow purchased of Walter Hoyte [WiLR 1:47].
In his will, dated 25 December 1677 and proved 5 March 1677[/8], "Lt. David Wilton of Northampton" bequeathed to "my grandchild Samuel Marshall half my property at Northampton and the other half by reversion after the decease of his wife and daughters"; "if Mr. Joseph Hawley, who hath married Lydia my grandchild & is now living at Northampton, see cause to settle there and build an house, I give him land" there, or else the land to go to Samuel Marshall; to "my wife Katharine Wilton the other half of property at Northampton, also the house in Windsor which was formerly belonging to my son Samuel Marshall deceased, also £75 due to me in Boston in the hands of Mr. John Pynchon ... she [to] pay ... certain legacies"; "my wife" to have £50 to give to whom she pleases; to "the College at Cambridge £10"; to "my daughter Mary Marshall, widow, £10"; to "my brother Nicholas Wilton my best clothes"; to "my sister Joan Wilton £1"; to "John Taylor Sr. £3"; to "the Church in Northampton my silver bowl"; residue to "my wife," including a sawmill in Northampton; "whereas Mary Marshall is my real & native heir, if she shall outlive & survive my wife she shall have the estate which I left to my wife, to possess the same during her life, but it shall remain to her own children"; to "my grandson Thomas Marshall who now lives with me, if he continue with my wife until he come to twenty-one years ... to have £12 more added to his portion"; wife sole executrix; "Capt. John Allyn of Hartford, with Rev. Mr. Solomon Stoddard, Lt. William Clarke & Medad Pomeroy, overseers" [Hartford PD Case #6129; Manwaring 1:386-87].
The inventory of the estate of Lt. David Wilton, taken 2 March 1677/8, totalled £101 11s. 9d., including the "housing and homelot" valued at £75 (an inventory of his land and goods at Windsor only) [Hartford PD Case #6129; Manwaring 1:386].
BIRTH: Baptized Beaminster, Dorsetshire, 1 May 1608, son of Robert Wilton [NEHGR 143:118].
DEATH: Windsor 5 February 1677/8 [Grant 9].
MARRIAGE: By about 1632 Katherine [HOSKINS] (daughter of Anne, the widow of John Hoskins, but not necessarily daughter of John Hoskins) [TAG 30:191-92, 38:3]. She married (2) Hartford 6 May 1679 THOMAS HOSMER [Grant 74].

i MARY, b. say 1632; m. Windsor 6 May 1652 Samuel Marshall [CTVR 41; TAG 38:8-12].

ASSOCIATIONS: Brothers Nicholas and Robert Wilton and sister Joan Wilton also came to New England [TAG 38:1, 7-8; NEHGR 143:119].

COMMENTS: In 1644 David Wilton was sued by Mr. William Whiting for £9 [RPCC 25, 26]. In December 1644 he was executor with Daniel Clarke to the will of Ephraim Huit [RPCC 31]. On 1 June 1648 John Moses was fined for miscarriages with "David Wilton his daughter" [RPCC 51]. On 28 December 1648 David Wilton was fined for failing to appear to serve on the jury [RPCC 59]. In spring of 1651 David Wilton and Mr. Allyn were warned to the next court for drawing of wine contrary to order [RPCC 95]. On 7 March 1650[/1] Robert Hubberd sued David Wilton for damages [RPCC 96]. In March 1652/3 David Wilton was sued for debt by Aaron Cook [RPCC 115]. On 5 June 1656 David Wilton sued Nathaniel Browne for £6 debt with damage [RPCC 165].
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: L. Effingham deForest published an account of David Wilton in 1933 [Brady Anc 378-86]. The best treatment is that prepared in 1962 by John Insley Coddington, which discussed in detail the many problems of interpretation regarding this immigrant [TAG 38:1-12]. In 1989, as part of his detailed study of Parsons families in early New England, Gerald James Parsons published evidence on the English origin of David Wilton [NEHGR 143:101-19, especially 118-19].
The Great Migration Begins

Ancestry Chain:
Lt. David WILTON Immigrant b.1608, Mary WILTON b.1631, Deacon Thomas MARSHALL b.1663, Catherine MARSHALL b.1699, Catherine FOWLER b.1723, Lydia NOBLE b.1768, Horace Datus ENSIGN b.1797, Martin Luther ENSIGN b.1831, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859, George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark, JR.

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