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From "The Kelsey Kindred"

Puritan Ancestor


William Kelsey, the first of the Kelsey name in America, was born in 1600, Chelmsford, Essex County, England. He was the son of George Kelsey Jr. and Elizabeth Hammond and had 2 brothers: John and Henry.

William Kelsey was one of the original "Braintree Company" followers of the Reverend Thomas Hooker, who came to America and they were the first settlers of "New Towne" (now Cambridge) Massachusetts in 1632. Reverend Hooker joined them the following year.

In June, 1636, Mr. Hooker and Mr. Stone, with more than 50 families of the "first church" (Mr. Hooker's) removed to Connecticut where, in the valley of the same name, they established another "New Towne" which was changed to "Hartford" on February 21, 1637. Among these followers was: William Kelsey.

Coming to "Hartford" with the Hooker Company, William Kelsey was one of the "original proprietors" and, as such, his name appears on the "Founders Monument" in the "ancient burying ground" of the First Congregational Church of Hartford, CT, presently known as "Center Church". His name is also found on the "Adventurers Boulder" located at City Hall, Hartford, CT.

In March 1663, William Kelsey and 26 others migrated to the "Hammonasset Plantation" and founded the Town of "Kenilworth", later changed to "Killingworth". In 1838, the town was separated into North and South parts. The South part called "Clinton" and the North, "Killingworth".

William Kelsey [and wife Berthia HOPKINS] had 9 children: Mark, Hester, Priscilla, Mary, John, Abigail, Stephen, Daniel, and William Jr.

Mark Kelsey lived in Windsor, CT and Wethersfield,CT. He first married Rebecca Hoskins, second Mrs. Abigail Atwood. Rebecca was the daughter of John Hoskins and his wife, Ann Filer. John Hoskins came to New England on the "Mary & John" in 1630. Mark and Rebecca had 8 or more children.

Hester Kelsey was born in Hartford, CT and lived and died in Windsor, CT. She married first, James Eggleston Sr. They had 10 children. She married second, James Eno Sr. They had 1 child. She married third, John Williams, Sr. There were no known children born to the third marriage. Early records show Hester as the first female child born in Hartford, CT.

Priscilla Kelsey lived and died in Windsor, CT. She married Cornelius Gillette. They had 9 children.

Mary Kelsey lived and died in Windsor, CT. She married Jonathan Gillette (brother of Cornelius Gillette). They had 10 children.

John Kelsey removed to Killingworth, CT with his father, William Kelsey, at the age of 27. He married Hannah Disborough 2 years later in Hartford, CT. They had 9 children. John and his father are noted as two of the first settlers of Kenilworth, CT.

Abigail Kelsey also accompanied her father, William Kelsey, to Killingworth, CT at the age of 18. She married Lieutenant John Hull. They had 4 children.

Stephen Kelsey lived and died in Hartford, CT. He married Hannah Ingersoll. They had 10 children.

Daniel Kelsey also removed to Killingworth, CT with his father, William Kelsey, at the age of 13. He married first Mary Stevens. They had 5 children. He married second, Jane Chalker. They had 5 children.

William Kelsey Jr. was born 23 Mar 1654. It is supposed that he died young, before the family removed to Killingworth, CT.

Ancestry Chain: 11th great grandfather William Kelsey, Mark KELSEY, Thomas KELSEY, Thomas KELSEY, Thomas KELSEY, Marcy KELSEY, Thomas LUCAS, Marcy Jane LUCAS, Polly Williams, Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, Laura Elizabeth PARKER, Kirt DeMar WOOD, Lark, TR.

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