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John HOSKINS Colonial Immigrant

  • Born: 1598
    Dorchester, Suffolk,
    Died: 3 May 1648
    Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
JOHN was born in 1598. JOHN's father was William HOSKINS (born abt 1564 Moncton, Llanwarne, Hereford, England, died abt 1599 Swyre, Beaminster, Dorset, England) and his mother was Edith (born abt 1568, Swyre, Beaminster, Dorset, England.) He was an only child. He died at the age of 50 on May 3rd, 1648.
    Delving into the history of the early HOSKINS family, it is found that they originally came from England to Dorchester, MA. John HOSKINS name has recently been found on the passenger list of the Mary and John ship on which the Dorchester company under the leadership of Rev. John WAREHAM and Rev. HUIT, sailed for America from Plymouth, England on March 30, 1630. They landed in Narragansett Bay on May 1, 1630. It is assumed that they came from Dorset county, England, since they sailed with the Dorchester company and named their first settlement, in Massachusetts, Dorchester, and from the town of Broad Windsor, since they named their first settlement in Connecticut, Windsor.

    John HOSKINS was born in England, about 1585 and died May 5, 1648. He was past middle age when he arrived in America. He was accompanied by two sons, Thomas born in England in 1610 and John born in England in 1612.

    John, who in colonial records is called John Jr. and John the younger, remained in Dorchester. Both John Sr. and John Jr. are listed in the list of freemen, with the date of one John HOSKINS being made a freeman in 1631 and the other in 1634.

    The second marriage of John HOSKINS Sr., who was born about 1585, was on May 6, 1630 at Dorchester, MA, (some records say June 6, 1630) to Anne FYLER. She was said to have been the sister of Lt. Walter FYLER, who migrated to Windsor at the same time that the HOSKINS' went there, that the name of the father of Anthony HOSKINS was John is accepted in Connecticut, for he was one of the family of John and Anne (Fyler) HOSKINS. If he was not the son, then he was closely related, for when Lt. Walter FYLER was arrested for infraction of colonial regulations, Anthony posted bond, which he might have not done, had he not been closely related in some way, for money was scarce in the young struggling colony of Windsor. Anne FYLER was born about 1586 and died March 6, 1662.
    (Compiled by Affa Hoskin Day of Bloomfield, Iowa and assisted by Mrs. H.H. (Alice) Hoskin of South Windsor, CT . Submitted by Jean M. Jones Kimble of Missoula, MT.)
We are related to two of the children of John HOSKINS and Ann FYLER. 1-Daughter Katherine HOSKINS and Lt. David WILTON are ancestors of Camilla SMITH.
Ancestry Chain:
10th great grandmother Katherine HOSKINS, Mary WILTON, Thomas MARSHALL Deacon, Catherine MARSHALL, Catherine FOWLER, Lydia NOBLE, Horace Datus ENSIGN, Martin Luther ENSIGN, Harriiett Camilla ENSIGN, George Ensign SMITH, Camilla SMITH, Lark, JR.
2-Daughter Rebecca HOSKINS and Mark KELSEY are ancestors of Kirt DeMar WOOD.

Ancestry Chain: 10th great grandmother Rebecca HOSKINS, Thomas KELSEY, Thomas KELSEY, Thomas KELSEY, Marcy KELSEY, Thomas LUCAS, Marcy Jane LUCAS, Polly Williams, Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, Laura Elizabeth PARKER, Kirt DeMar WOOD, Lark, TR.

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