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Simeon Adams DUNN Jr. - son of Simeon Adams DUNN and Harriet Atwood SILVER

[Branch President] Simeon Adams Dunn[ Jr.], was born 13 Jan 1851 in Salt Lake City. He married Eunice Emily Harmon 6 Nov 1876, in Washington, Utah. Their eight children are Simeon Harmon, Levi Tessie, Elmer and Emily all born in Washington, UT. Eunice born in Sanford, Etholen Silver, Charles Albert and Jared Willard were born in Eastdale, CO.

pictured are

Simeon Adams Dunn Jr.
and his wife Eunice Emily Harmon

Uncle Sim
by Eva Dunn Snow

To those pioneers of years gone by,
A baby boy was given
To bring them peace and cheer and love
A gift for earth, from heaven.

To manhood grown, this precious one,
His mission well defined,
By precept and example too,
He worked and served mankind.

From friends he journeyed far,
He chose the pioneer life.
Faced many hardships, won success,
Shared with a loyal wife.

And now his earthwork is complete,
The Master says, "Well done",
He goes to reap what he as sown,
In that Celestial Home.

This poem was written about Simeon Adams [Dunn Jr.] who passed away 13 February, 1935 in Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado. He was born 13 Jan 1861 at Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of Simeon Adams [DUNN] and Harriett Atwood Silver.

His school began when he was five years old in Farmington, Utah. Later his father and family moved to Brigham City where he lived until he was twenty three. In 1874 he was called to work on the S. George Temple. He left Brigham City with four yoke of oxen on December 17, 1874 and arrived in St. George on January 14, 1875.

He married Eunice Emily Harmon in Washington, Utah on 12 July 1877. In 1889 they left Utah for the San Luis Valley of Colorado. In 1891, be became the Branch President of the Eastdale Costilla branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

He and his wife, Eunice were the parents of Simeon Harmon, Levi, Elmer, Emily, Eunice, Etholen, Albert, and Jared. In 1941, his family consisted of eight children thirty three grandchildren and eighteen great-grand children.

Poem and biographical information taken from a typewritten manuscript sent to Kent Vance by his mother, Gatha Wilson April 11, 2009.
Thanks to Sim and Annie Dunn blog.

DUNN Father & Brothers: Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah - DUNN.


Myrle Dalton said...

Is this on the Wood's side? It begins by saying Simeon Adams Snow, son of Simeon Adams Dunn. (?) If this is on the Wood's side, is he related to the Dunn's on the Smith side?

Lark said...


Thank you. I had copied type O's from the original site. Which I have now corrected. This is a son of Simeon Adams DUNN and his 4th wife Harriet Atwood Silver.

I have a post in progress about the 8 wives of our grandfather Simeon. I found this yesterday while working on the DUNN family.