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First Settlers of Amesbury Massachusetts

First Settlers of Amesbury

On the Amesbury records, …dated March 19, 1654-5, the following list of the “present inhabitanc and comenors heare in the new towne.”

Richard Currier

George Marting [MARTIN]

John Hoyt

Philip Chalice

Thomas Macy

William Huntington

John Bayly [BAILEY]

Henry Blasdale

John Colby

William Barnes

Vallentine Rowel

Thomas Barnard

Anthony Colby

John Weed

Jarret Haddon

Edward Cottle

[Orlando Bagly]*

William Sargent

*Orlando Bagly is on the original “Macy book,” but not on the official

records, nor on any list of land grants.


George MARTIN:

Last will & testament of George Martin of Amesbury, MA: November 23, 1686

In ye name of God Amen I George Martin of ye town of Amsbury in ye County of Essex being through Gods goodness of prfect memory & understanding, doe make this my last will & testament in mannr as followeth Imprimis I commend my spirit to God whoe gave it, & and my body to ye dust decently to be buried (at ye chardges of my executr, whome I shall hereafter name and appoynt) in hopes of a [joy]full resurrection at ye last day unto life eternall 2dly I give & bequeath unto my natural [i.e. legitimate] Children viz: my Sonns Richrd Martin, & John Martin, & my Daughters, Hanna Wathen: Hester Gimson, Jane Hadley & Abigail Hadlock unto each & every of them five shillings apiece to be payd in good and merchantable pay within one twelvemonth next aftr my decease 3dly I give & bequeath unto my Grandchild John Hadlock five pounds in good & merchantable pay in case yt ye sd John live wth me or my wife or my son Will: untill yt he come unto ye full & compleat age of twenty one years. 4thly I give & bequeath all ye rest of my housing, lands stock & estate both moveable & Immoveable unto my wife Susanna during her Widowhood, & after her marriage, or decease (in case she marry not againe) unto my youngest son William.

ffinally: I Doe appoint, Constitute & ordaine my Wife Susanna, to be exectutrix and my youngest son Will: martin to be executr in conjunction wth her unto this my last Will & testament. A[nd in] confirmat[ion] of ye promisees I have hereunto subscribed my hand & seale Dated the nineteenth day of January An: Dom: one thousand six hundred eighty & three or foure.

Additional information:
George Martyn was born circa 1618 at near, Colchester, England. He married Hannah (Unknown) before 1643. George Martyn married Susannah North, daughter of Richard North and Joan Bertram, on 11-Aug-1646 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. George Martyn died before 23-Nov-1686 at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. His estate was probated on 23-Nov-1686.

He was also known as George Martin. He emigrated from Wales. He immigrated circa 1639 to Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, He came as a servant to Samuel Winsely. He was a proprietor between 1642 and 1664. He purchased Job Cole's land rights in East Salisbury circa 1643. He took the oath of fidelity in 1646. On 1650 He was on the list of commoners in Salisbury.

He was a blacksmith. On between 1667 and 1668 George was on the list of Commoners who drew land in Amesbury. Amesbury was derived from the Northwestern part of Salisbury in 1654.

His widow
Susannah NORTH was hung as a witch in Salem, MA July 19, 1692.

Ancestral Chain: 10th great grandfather George MARTIN Immigrant b.1618 / Jane MARTIN b.1656 / Samuel HADLEY b.1677 / Martha HADLEY- b.1704 / Martha SARGENT b.1725 / Moses QUIMBY b.1755 / Betsey QUIMBY b.1795 / Almeda Sophia ROUNDY b.1829 / Charles PARKER b.1853 / Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889 / Kirt DeMar WOOD b.1923 / Lark / TR



Unknown which John Bailey father of son is named on the monument.

John Bailey Sr. was a weaver by trade and came from Chippenham, Wilts, England. He, with his oldest son, John, came over in 1635 in the ship Angel Gabriel, sailing from Bristol, with the expectation of making a home in New England and then sending for his wife and other children, or going back to fetch them over. Unfortunately, he had a terrible experience in the great storm of August 15, 1635, and was shipwrecked off Pemaquid, now Bristol, in Maine....John Bailey, with his son, John, a youth of twenty-two, found their way from the inhospitable shore on which they had been cast to Newbury, and joined the little settlement at Parker River. For only two years did he abide here, and then went in 1637 further into the wilderness, taking with him one William Schooler as a helper, and built a log cabin on the further side of the Merrimack near the mouth of the Powow River. The ruins of an old cellar on what is known as Bailey's Hill can still be discerned....On June 6, 1637, he and William Schooler were arrested for murder and tried at a Court held at Ipswich. At the trial it was demonstrated that John Bailey had naught whatever to do with the murder, and he was discharged....In 1639 John Bailey, was again in trouble. He was brought before the Court and fined five pounds, a very heavy fine, "for buying lands of Indians without leave of court, with condition if he yield up the lands the fine to be remitted."...In 1639 Colchester, afterwards called Salisbury, was settled and John Bailey was one of the proprietors, having lots assigned to him in first division. Probably he and his son resided in what is now the village of Salisbury soon after 1639. He still retained his holdings up the Merrimack where it would appear he had an exclusive right of fishing....About 1650 John Bailey, who was then an old man, went to live with his son John Bailey in Newbury....He died...November 2, 1651.

John Bailey, the second of the name, was born probably at Chippenham about 1613, and came over with his father. In the first allotment of lands in Salisbury hew was granted a homestead. He married Eleanor Emery, a daughter (probably) of John Emery. He was taxed in Salisbury in 1652, 1653, and 1654, and owned land there in 1658. Just when he came over to Newbury side to live is uncertain. He was living there apparently in 1651 when his father died. He settled "on the plain a quarter of a mile from Deer Island." In 1652 he had a dwelling house and twenty acres of lad, which in 1653 he sold to Joanna Huntington. [his sister]. In 1669 he took the oath of allegiance, and again in 1678. He was elected Constable several times, and was a Selectman in 1673 and possibly during other years. He died in March, 1691, and his widow Eleanor died in 1700.

(See: http://the-red-thread.net/genealogy/descendants-of-John-Bailey-1590.html)

Ancestral Chain: 12 great grandfather John BAILEY Immigrant b.1585 / 11 great grandfather John II BAILEY Immigrant b.1613 / Joseph BAILEY b.1648 / Lydia BAILEY b.1695 / John JEFFORDS b.1724 / John JEFFORDS b.1746 / Lucretia JEFFORDS b.1766 / Amariah RAWSON b.1787 / Adaline RAWSON b.1811 / Mary DUNN b.1833 / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859 / George Ensign SMITH b.1898 / Camilla SMITH-14 b.1926 / Lark / JR

Macy-Colby House

Anthony COLBY:

Anthony COLBY (September 1605 - 11 February 1661) was the son of Thomas and Anne Jackson Colby, born in Horbling, Lincolnshire, England. He came with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. He married Susannah, Widow Waterman, probably in Boston in 1632. They had eight children. He was a planter. His first home was in the disputed territory between Cambridge and Watertown which was given to Cambridge in 1632, and was on the road to Mount Auburn close by the river. Anthony built a second house near the Washington Elm and a third one near the Fresh Pond. He was admitted freeman in Cambridge in 1634. Three years later, he appeared in Ipswich, and three years after that in Salisbury. He was among the first settlers of the latter town. He built in what is now Amesbury, Jarrett Haddon bought the lot adjoining and came with his family. On this land Anthony and Susannah settled to make a permanent home. He received additional lots of land from the divisions in 1643, 1654, and 1658. In 1640, he was appointed an appraiser for the government and in 1651 was elected a selectman. He purchased the house and land west of the Ferry Road from Thomas Macy in 1654. At the time of the sale, Macy had need of funds to flee to Nantucket to escape the penalty of sheltering two Quakers during a thunderstorm.

Susannah (possibly 1616 - 8 July 1689) was three times a widow. She lived in the Macy-Colby house until her death....She had to defend her homestead against the claim of Thomas Macy from whom it had been purchased; but later he denied the sale and tried to expel the widow by legal process. He was unsuccessful.

Ancestral Chain 1: 10th great grandfather Anthony COLBY Immigrant b.1605 / Mary COLBY b.1647 / Phillip SARGENT Sr. b.1672 / Philip SARGENT Jr. b.1703 / Martha SARGENT b.1725 / Moses QUIMBY b.1755 / Betsey QUIMBY b.1795 / Almeda Sophia ROUNDY b.1829 / Charles PARKER b.1853 / Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889 / Kirt DeMar WOOD b.1923 / Lark / TR.

Ancestral Chain 2: 10th great grandfather Anthony COLBY Immigrant b.1605 / Isaac COLBY b.1640 / Dorothy COLBY b.1677 / Martha HADLEY b.1704 / Martha SARGENT b.1725 / Moses QUIMBY b.1755 / Betsey QUIMBY b.1795 / Almeda Sophia ROUNDY b.1829 / Charles PARKER b.1853 / Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889 / Kirt DeMar WOOD b.1923 / Lark / TR


William SARGENT:

Born: 1598 Bath, somerset, England.

Origin: Unknown.
Migration: 1632.
First Residence: Ipswich.
Removes: Newbury, Hampton, Salisbury, Amesbury.

He with twelve other men, and his daughters Lydia, Sarah, and Mary, commenced the settlement of Ipswich, Massachusetts. He soon after went to Newbury, Massachusetts and with others commenced a settlement there. About 1738, he with others commenced a settlement at Hampton, New Hampshire. About 1740, he removed to Salisbury, New Hampshire and was one of eighteen original proprietors, who settled in New Salisbury, now Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Occupation: Seaman /
Church Membership: Admission to a Massachusetts Bay church prior to 22 May 1639 implied by freemanship.
Freeman: 22 May 1639 (as "Mr. Willi[am] Sergent") [ MBCR 1:375].
Education: Signed his name to his will and to deeds.

Offices: Essex grand jury, 13 April 1652 [ EQC 1:251]. Petit jury, 8 April
1662, 24 June 1662, 13 April 1669, 12 April 1670 [ EQC 1:377, 385, 4:128,
235]. [Some of this service may belong to William Sargent of Gloucester.]
Sworn clerk of the train band of Salisbury on 8 April 1651 [ EQC 1:223].

Married: 1) m. 1633 Amesbury, Essex, MA - Elizabeth PERKINS she and her parents John PERKINS and Judith GATER emigrated on the Lyon with Roger Williams in 1631. [Elizabeth's sister Mary (Perkins) Bradbury was convicted of witchcraft in Salem, MA in 1692, but was eventually freed.]
2) m. Joanna PINDER 18 September 1670 Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, daughter of Henry and Mary PINDER.
Joanna was the widow of Valentine ROWELL she later married Richard CURRIER.

COMMENTS: William "Sargeant" sued Mr. William Hook of Salisbury for 56s. in corn 26 December 1643 [ EQC 1:55]. He acknowledged judgment in favor of Mr. Jonathan Wade 26 September 1648 [ EQC 1:147]. Michael Spencer sued him for detaining corn and other goods 2 January 1650 [ EQC 1:205]. Hard words were exchanged between the Sargents and their near neighbors, the Martins. Either William Sr. or Jr. was sued for slander by George Martin, who claimed Sargent had called his wife a witch 13 April 1669 [ EQC 4:129]. Martin sued Thomas Sargent for saying that his son George Martin was a bastard and that Richard Martin was Goodwife Martin's imp [ EQC 4:129]. In 1672 William Sargent and Joanna his wife sued Christopher Osgood for debt due part of the estate of Joanna's late husband, Valentine Rowell [ EQC 5:20].

Died: March 1675 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.

Buried: The Corner Cemetery Amsbury, MA.

Ancestral Chain: 10th great grandfather William SARGENT Immigant b.1598 / William SARGENT Rev. b.1645 / Phillip SARGENT Sr.-5248 b.1672 / Philip SARGENT Jr.-5242 b.1703 / Martha SARGENT b.1725 / Moses QUIMBY b.1755 / Betsey QUIMBY b.1795 / Almeda Sophia ROUNDY b.1829 / Charles PARKER b.1853 / Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889 / Kirt DeMar WOOD b.1923 / Lark / TR

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