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Anthony Colby is your 10th great grandfather - twice

New England Colby Family Founder
Anthony Colby, was the founder of the Colby family in New England. He was born about 1605 at Horbling, Lincolnshire, England. Horbling is next to Semperingham where his Colby ancestors had lived for several generations. He was apparently named for his uncle Anthony Jackson. [Anthony Colby is listed as a founder of both Salisbury and Amesbury Massachusetts.] Anthony Colby died Feb. 11, 1660, aged about 54 years.

Four of our grandfathers listed as founders of Amesbury, MA.
Anthony Colby, John Bailey, George Martin, William Sargent

Anthony came to America in the Spring of 1630 on the ship "Arbella" with the "Winthrop Fleet". His first home was in the disputed territory between Cambridge and Watertown which was given to Cambridge in 1632, and was on the road to Mount Auburn close by the river. His close friend was Jarred Haddon. Anthony's wife might have been Jarred's sister. In 1633, on the second Sabbath that Rev. John Cotton preached, he baptized his own son Seaborn Cotton and John Colby, son of Anthony.

Anthony built a second house near the Washington Elm and a third one near the Fresh Pond. He was admitted freeman in Cambridge in 1634. Three years later, he appeared in Ipswich, and three years after that in Salisbury. He was among the first settlers of the latter town. Together, the men (Jarred Haddon) joined the church in Charlestown and took the freeman's oath in Cambridge on 14 May 1634. Together lay their houselots at East Salisbury and when Jarred sold his homestead in 1644 and built in what is now Amesbury, Anthony bought the lot adjoining and came with his family. On this land he at last settled down to make a permanent home. He received additional lots of land from the divisions in 1643, 1654, and 1658.

In 1640, he was appointed an appraiser for the government and in 1651 was elected a selectman.

Anthony Colby seems to have been always at odds with the leaders in town affairs and was often in controversy , legal or personal, with the authorities. Once he was fined for making a speech in town meeting on the ground that he had created a disturbance. He worked incessantly to have the new settlement at Amesbury set off from Salisbury as a town. The fight was carried on after his death by his sons, and the separation was finally accomplished in 1666.

He was an industrious man, and in spite of moving every few years and in spite of many children, he became one of the largest property holders in Amesbury. His lots included: Back River, Fox Island, Lion's Mouth, Great Swamp, Hampton, River, Whiskers Hill, and lots from the third and fourth divisions. His inventory set a value of 359 pounds sterling upon his property.

The house that he bought from Thomas Macy is still standing and can be seen today. Colbys have been living in the house (no electricity, water, or heat other than the fireplaces) until recently. The old house was on the southwest side of Main St. which leads from Amesbury Center to the Merrimac and was the seventh from Bartlett's Corner. Thomas Macy was a friendly man. A family of Quakers was passing his home in a big rain storm. They asked if they could shelter in his shed until the rain had passed. He said that they could not shelter in his shed, but should come in by the fire. Harboring Quakers was against the law. He got caught. Anthony was his friend and bought the house from him and gave him enough to go to Nantucket to become the founding father of the Macy's stores. Whittier's poem "The Exiles" is based on this story. Bartlett's Corner is the location of the well described in Whittier's poem, "The Captain's Well". The well was dug by a grandson of Anthony's daughter Mary.

Colby's have been living in and around Amesbury ever since. Amesbury is a very pretty, quiet, little town with some interesting features.
Macy - Colby house

— The antiquated brown saltbox on Main Street, Amsebury, MA

The Macy-Colby House, dating back to 1652, has been named to the National Register of Historic Places. The list captures the most historic and significant places in the United States and preserves them from future development.

one of the fireplaces

According to the little plaque inside (and another attached to the bottom) the cradle was given to the Colbys by their good friend, Susannah North Martin [another one of my grandparents], the famous witch of Salem.

From Wikipedia
The Macy-Colby House is an historically significant Eighteenth Century saltbox, located in Amesbury, Massachusetts. The house, at 257 Main Street, was first built in 1654 by Thomas Macy, a merchant who served as ├ůmesbury's first Town Clerk. A few years later, Macy was forced to leave town, after he allowed a group of Quakers to take shelter in his home for a few hours, during a thunderstorm. ("Harboring Quakers" was considered a criminal offense.) The house was acquired by prominent Amesbury citizen Anthony Colby. Around 1712, the original house built by Macy was torn down. By 1745 the saltbox style house that exists today was completed by Obadiah Colby. The house remained in the Colby family for nine generations, and was used as a private residence by Colby's descendants until 1958, after which time it was acquired by the Daughters of the Revolution, until 2000. The Friends of the Macy-Colby House have maintained the house (now a museum) ever since.

Ancestory Chain: My children's 7th Great Grandparents were 2nd Cousins. They were Philip Sargent and his wife Martha Hadley who were both the Great Grand children of Anthony Colby.

Anthony Colby and Susanna / their daughter Mary Colby / Pillip Sargent / Philip Sargent / his daughter - Martha Sargent / Moses Quimby / Betsey Quimby / Almeda Sophia Roundy / Charles Parker / Larua Elizabeth Parker / Kirt DeMar Wood/ Lark / TR.

Anthony Colby and Susanna / their son Isaac Colby / Dorothy Colby / Martha Hadley / her daughter - Martha Sargent / Moses Quimby / Betsey Quimby / Almeda Sophia Roundy / Charles Parker / Larua Elizabeth Parker / Kirt DeMar Wood/ Lark / TR

The Colby family tree includes the following notable people:
Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie) Joseph Smith, Jr. (Founder of the Mormon Church) Chester A. Arthur (21st President of the United States) William Egan Colby (CIA) Anthony Colby (Governor of New Hampshire) Gardner Colby (Colby College & President-Wisconsin Central RR) Carlos W. Colby (Congressional Medal of Honor - Vicksburg, 1863) Rear Admiral Harrison Gray Otis Colby (Commander-North Atlantic Fleet) Bainbridge Colby (U. S. Secretary of State, 1920-21) Stoddard B. Colby (Register of the U.S. Treasury) Richard Bruce Cheney (Vice President of the United States, 2001-)

Notable people whose descendants married into the Colby family: Susanna North Martin (Salem Witch Trials) Mary Perkins Bradbury (Salem Witch Trials) Hannah Emerson Dustin (Indian Captive) Myles Standish (Mayflower Passenger)


Kevin Colby said...

I also am descended from both Anthony Colby and Susanna Martin.

Anonymous said...

I am a direct descendant also. I am not named Colby, but my paternal grandmother's paternal grandmother was Ella Jane Colby. My name is Glenn R. Marhefka

Tyler Ryder said...

i am a direct decendent my great grandmother is Jean slyvia colby.

Anne Kogler Szlivko said...

I am also descended from Anthony Colby. He is by 8th great grandfather.

Anne Kogler Szlivko said...

Anthony Colby is my 8th great grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Colby is supposedly my 10th grandfather. I am a decendant from Samuel and Elizabeth. This is the breakdown on my side.

Anthony Colby (10)
Samuel Colby (9)
Phillip Colby (8)
Stephen Colby (7)
John Colby (6) \
Joseph Lunt Colby (5)
William Thomas Colby (4)
Henry Tarbel Colby (3)
William Henry Colby (2)
Arthur Moody Colby (1)
William Francis Colby Sr (My Father)
William Francis Colby Jr (Me)

I am hoping that is correct.. It took my a couple nights to trace my family back to Anthony

Glenn Colby said...

My name is Glenn R. Marhefka. Anthony Colby and his wife are my 10th great grandparents (twice) - if you are through Ella Jane Colby it says that online. Ella Jane Colby was my paternal grandmother's paternal grandmother. I am an author. I use the Colby name as a pen name and I am known as Glenn Colby. I needed a more Anglicized name and Colby was as good as any. Ella Jane's son Walter Silas Brown married four times and his second wife Lucy was my great grandmother - they had one child - my grandmother Maybelle.

Candice Meacham said...

I am a decendant of Susannah Martin and Anthony Colby. My grandmother was a Colby. June Colby. Anderson was her married last name.

Joi Dixon said...

Susannah is my 11th grams and I ha r Colby too but I'd have to look it up to see how far back..I know there's quite a lot of them tho

Anonymous said...

I am also a direct descendant of Anthony Colby as well as William Sargent and George and Susannah Martin (9th great grandparents). Through the Martins, their daughters, Jane, Abigail and George's daughter Hannah are all my 8th great grandmothers. All of the lines came together in 1881 with the birth of my Grandmother, Emma Bell Hadley in Weare, New Hampshire. Proud to belong to these families and to have all of you as cousins. My name is Roger Kriney

MikeBrown said...

Like Kevin Colby I am a descendant of both Susannah (North) Martin and Anthony Colby. My line from Susannah runs through Hadley (Susannah's daughter Jane married Samuel Hadley, a nephew of the John Proctor who was also a victim of persecution during the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria along with his 2nd wife and some, if not most or all, of his children. My Colby line comes via 1 of my 2 known Sargent lines, also via Anthony's daughter Mary Colby & William Sargent Jr., then Phillip Sargent & Mary Tewksbury. After that, my line follows Charles, brother of Phillip who married Martha Hadley. Right off hand, I am not sure of the relationship path between your Martha Hadley and my Samuel Hadley.

MikeBrown said...

I should add that the mother of Anthony's son-in-law William Sargent Jr was Elizabeth (Perkins) Sargent, sister to Mary (Perkins) Bradbury another victim of the hsyteria but one of those who managed to escape the jail before execution and avoid the authorities long enough for the hsyteria to die down and receive a commutation of sentence. I believe he (William Sargent Jr) and a brother were involved in the earlier (1659?) accusation of witchcraft against Susannah Martin. There was a slander lawsuit. The brother recanted his accusation.

Karen Syed said...

I too come from the Colby line. Anthony & Susannah (Haddon) Colby are my 9th great grandparents. I just took my first trip to Amesbury/Golgotha Burying Ground. It was a wonderful experience.