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Married 1896 Logan UT

My mother Camilla told me her grandmother Amy HAWKES (1875-1952) had told her when Amy was a teen she and a friend would "run out of church and hide in the ditch so that no old men would see them and want to marry them." Amy wanted to marry a young man with no other wives.

First of nine babies Amy Ella HAWKES SMITH MONSON (1887-1971)

Nine children born to this family 4 girls and 5 boys. The 6th child Joseph Jones HAWKES (1907-1910) was drown in the irrigation ditch when he was 2 years old. Mother Amy (1875-1952) was pregnant with her ninth child Blayne Jones HAWKES (1920-2008) at the same time her oldest daughter Ella (1887-1971) was pregnant with her first child Amy SMITH (1920-1974).
Herb built their home at 352 W. 3rd S., Logan, Utah. Once int the late 1960's I rode to Logan with my Grandmother Ella and my mother Camilla, grandma was driving all over the road as she messed with the radio nobs. I ask her what she was doing and she said "trying to adjust the air conditioning." When we got to Logan she told me how she once drove her sick husband Ensign to Logan when they drove by his Smith family home he cried because someone had cut down all the trees. Then she drove into the drive of her parents home in Logan she knocked on the door and told the lady "my father built this house." The lady invited us in and showed us the house. Grandma said the large rug on the living room floor had belonged to her mother. I have been told by one of Amy's grandchildren that Amy had Herb build the kitchen sink low so that the children could do the dishes. My mother Camilla told me that her grandfather Herb would chin himself on one of the branches of the tree in front of the house when he was playing with his grandchildren.

50 years 29 Jul 1946
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Herb and Amy HAWKESChauffeur's License
H. H. Hawkes
Height 5 '10'' Weight 160 Age 65
Color Hair brown color eyes blue
Date Issued Jan 30 1934

3 generations
1 Leona, 2 Ella, 3 Amy, 2 Lorin

Amy Ella HAWKES (1887-1971) married 1919 1.George Ensign SMITH 5 children, 1970 2. Charles Horald MONSON
Kate HAWKES OBRAY (1899-1998) married 1920 Ernest Shelton OBRAY 7 children
Herber Jones HAWKES (1902-1974) married Ollie La Venia FRANK 4 children
Eva HAWKES (1903-1998) married Glendon Eugene STEINER 9 no children
Frank Jones HAWKES (1899-1998) married 1935 1.Grace Star no children, 1959 2.Minnie Ann NIELSEN COX no children
Joseph Jones HAWKES (1907-1910)
Ethel HAWKES (1911-1996) married 1934 Veronon Carl POULTER 3 children
Lorin Jones HAWKES (1913-1990) married 1942 Neva Roundy CARDON 4 children
Blayne Jones HAWKES (1920-2008) married 1943 Celia Drue BALLS 4 children

I remember as a girl copying a family group sheet at my grandmother Ella's kitchen table. This was an assignment for my "Treasures of Truth" Mutual Improvement project. I was fascinated that all grandma's brothers had the same middle name. What a wonderful way to preserve a mother's maiden name.


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I agree with Merle. I have all the information, but you put it together very well. I've thought that about all the histories you post. I keep thinking that if I keep looking at them some of you will rub off on me;)