Sunday, October 18, 2009

SMITH Family Photo 1934

A rare photo of the whole Ensign and Ella SMITH family

Father: George Ensign SMITH (1898-1967)
Mother: Amy Ella HAWKES (1897-1971)
Children oldest to youngest: Amy (1920-1974),
Leona (1923-2002)
Camilla (1926-1999)
Ensign Jr. (1930-1941)

Ensign Jr. in the shadow being held by his dad's hand. 


Myrle Dalton said...

Thanks for the post! Also the e-mail about Lynne, and the nice phone call. Luvmyrle

The King family said...

I love the way you have organized this blog. When you have time, could you email me and give me a little information about how you did this? I would like to do something like this for my own family.