Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - U.S. Army Service WWI

Geo Ensign SMITH in the gunner seat
Army serial # 1,640,541
Enlisted in: NG at Logan Utah 9 Apr 1917 (age 19)
Organizations: Btry C 145 FA to disch.
Grades: Corp 4 Aug 1917; Sgt 1 Oct 1918
Served overseas: France - 5 Aug 1918 to 4 Jan 1919
Fort Douglas Sep 1917 (sitting far left Geo Ensign SMITH)
"1 Henry Frogley 2 Hula (dog) 3 The Hon. (Geo Ensign SMITH) 4 A.T.Larsen"
arrows points to Geo Ensign SMITH
"Geo. Ensign SMITH and Henry Frogley some where some time"
"1 Dots Im (Geo. Ensign SMITH) 2 Saigt Picket 3 No. Croxton 4 Zollinger 5 Frank"
"1 Henry Frogley a dandy good clean chum 2 The Hon (Geo Ensign SMITH)
3 A L Larsen from Cove up by Lewiston (ID)"

Forwarded 26 Jan 1921 Victory Medal with clasp: France
Bronze "Victory Button" issued
Paid in full $24.40 21 Jan 1919

[note below photo of girlfriend A. Ella Hawkes they married 27 Aug 1919]
The United States of America Honors the Memory of George E. SMITH
signed Lyndon B. Johnson President of the United States

Ninety four years later (1917-2011) great great grandson visits George Ensign SMITH (1898-1967) memorial .
note: memorial births is off by one year.
See: grandson in GE SMITH WWI helmet.

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