Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother to Mother

We each have countless numbers of mothers to honor. Each of them is important and has made an enormous contribution to our lives. I find my mother to mother line special would like to share it with my children and grandchildren. In honor of all my mothers this Mothers Day here is my granddaughters mother to mother
photo pedigree line.

TRW with AW 2007-
(Lark's daughter and granddaughter)

Lark with daughters born 1980's

(named after her paternal grandmother) Camilla SMITH WOOD 1926-1998 with Lark

Sarah WORLEY JONES 1851-1925 mother of Amy

Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY 1822-1904 mother of Sarah

Catherine RUDHALL WILLMORE 1801-1881 mother of Catherine

Sarah BENTLEY RUDHALL 1764-1826 mother of Catherine

Rebecca PERRY BENTLEY 1736-1793 mother of Sarah

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