Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Corner of 3rd West and Center St., Logan, UT

Corner of 3rd West and Center St., Logan, UT
Henry and Catherine WORLEY home

"The whistle signalled that we had arrived at Logan.
Looking very earnestly for someone of our people, I espied a fellow with a broad brimmed hat, a pair of big boots with the trouser legs inside the tops of his boots, running down First South St. as hard as he could for the depot I recognized him to be my brother Alfred [Willmore]. Well, he was a strange looking fellow dressed that way in contrast to his Birmingham dress, but I was glad to meet him and have the greeting of welcome. Aunt [Catherine] Worley was there and Uncle [Henry Worley] with their team of mules and wagon to haul us home to the Worley's home, corner of 3rd West and Center St. During my greeting with brother Alfred, Father [George Edward Willmore] and his sister, Aunt Worley were hugging each other with such joy at meeting in Zion that they nearly got jammed..........Those that were the youngest rode up to Worleys. Alfred and I, with cousin Harry and Tom Worley, . . .walked up to see as we traveled and chatted together. .......After arriving at Worleys, Uncle Henry, Aunt Catherine [Willmore Worley], cousins Sarah Worley Jones and Catherine Worley Cowley had prepared a fine dinner for us, among which was some new kind of pie that looked like custard......Cousin Kate asked me how I liked it ......they told me it was a
squash pie,.....I thought what a funny country to make pies like that out of such things." (from Benjamin Willmore’s,“Fifty Years Among the Mormons”)

Henry WORLEY and Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY - two of Catherine's brothers and many nephews and nieces immigrated from Birmingham to Utah.


Myrle Dalton said...

Where did you find this one? Was it in the group I had? I'm so grateful for you to post these things. You are wonderful. Could you post this one on my blog so my grandkids could read it? The pictures as well as the narrative. When I ask this am I asking something that is hard to do? Love you. Luvmyrle

Lark said...

All of these photos were shared with me by the grandchildren of Thomas Willmore the younger brother of Catherine Willmore Worley. The story is from the son of Catherine's younger brother George Willmore.

Did you see the button photo? I will also post that one with your mother's own story on your blog for your kids and grand kids.