Saturday, January 11, 2014


The Children of Isaac SMITH and Harriet Camilla ENSIGN

2- Martin Luther SMITH 1881-1884

3- William Richard SMITH 'Will' 1884-1950
taken about 1906 just before Will left for the Swiss & German Mission

 5- Wesley Ensign SMITH 'Wes' 1888-1943
again Wesley Ensign SMITH 'Wes' 1888-1943

7- Theron Ensign SMITH 1893-1952

11- Theodore Roosevelt SMITH 1903-1904

Thank you Dirk Smith for sharing family history. 

This unknown photo found with the "Isaac and Camilla Smith" collection

Ike, Will, Wes, Dolly, Theon and Busby, Leona, Ensign, Ruby about 1928

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Dirk Smith said...

This is such a wonderful site! Thank you for all of your work on behalf of our family. I'm excited to see if anyone can identify the individuals in that photo. Thanks, Dirk