Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cousins Meet at Church

After growing up in Minnesota it is a small world when we find second and third cousin at church.

In New York City we find the the wife of the Stake President and 'B' have common grandparents. Grandmother Eva and great grandmother Ella are sisters. (Common grandparents - Herbert Henry HAWKES and Sarah Amy JONES).  

In Atlanta 'T' has two good friends who are first cousins.  Then we learn from facebook 'T' is their second cousin. Their grandmothers Amy and Camilla are sisters. (Common great grandparents - George Ensign SMITH and Amy Ella HAWKES.)

Twice in Salt Lake City we find cousins in the ward.  

'B' makes a baby gift for a friend, when her mother and grandmother attend the babies blessing 'B' meets them. They have a sister/daughter living in NYC.  'B' is a third cousin to her friend.  Their grandmothers Margene and Camilla are first cousins. (Common great great grandparents - Herbert Henry HAWKES and Sarah Amy JONES.)  

A girl moves into the ward with a familiar name so 'J' asks "do you know Myrle"?  Their grandmother's Camilla and Myrle are sisters. (Common great grandparents - George Ensign SMITH and Amy Ella HAWKES)

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