Monday, October 29, 2012


 These girls were "best friends for ever" at South High School 1943.  Three of them stayed close for the next 50 plus years.  Jean Marie and Camilla were in each other's weddings.  Jean Marie told me recently that she became a nurse because Camilla had become a nurse.  Marilyn and Camilla were 4th cousins their common grandparents were Isaac ENSIGN Rev. War Vet. (1756-1843) and Lydia NOBLE (1768-1851).  Their sons Samuel ENSIGN and Horace Datis ENSIGN were the great great grandfather's of Marilyn and Camilla.

late summer 1943 - top left photo:  Jean Marie Davis Aird, Camilla Smith Wood (1926-1999), unknown, Marilyn Geertsen Erickson (1926-2111), unknown.  click on photo above to see all 5 bff pictures.
Gospel Study Group was held monthly for almost 50 years. (pictured abt 1965) Wood's and Erickson's,   the group origianaly also included the Aird's,  The couples would take turns hosting the Sunday night Study Group once a month.  In the 1950's the children were included.  I remember making tents by hanging towels and blankets on the lower kitchen cupboard doors with the Erickson children while our parents were in the living room studying together.  Demlon spoke about the Study Group at Dee's funeral in 1987 and Delmon and Marilyn continued to get together with Camilla until her death in 1999.

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