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Robert DIBBLE - 11th great-grandfather - The Great Mirgration Begins


ORIGIN: Unknown (but see COMMENTS below)
RATION: 1634 on the Recovery

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Dorchester church prior to 6 May 1635 implied by freemanship.
FREEMAN: 6 May 1635 (fourth in a sequence of five Dorchester men) [ MBCR 1:371].
EDUCATION: Signed petition of 7 February 1641[/2] (as "Robert Deeble") [ DTR 106].
OFFICES: On 18 March 1637/8, "Robert Deeble is chosen bailiff for half a year or till another be chosen and it is ordered that he shall levy all fines, rates and amercements for the plantation" [DTR 32]. "Good[man] Deeble shall be bailiff for this year," 13 February 1638/9 [DTR 38]. "It is ordered that Robert Deeble is to be continued bailiff for the year following with the same power according to the order of the former year," 31 October 1639 [DTR 42].

ESTATE: On 17 December 1635, the town of Dorchester "ordered that Robert Deeble shall have enlargement of two goad in length from his house upward, and that his son T[homas] Deeble shall have six goad next him, to go with a right line up from the pale before his house on condition for Thommas Deeble to build a house within one year or else to lose that goad granted him" [DTR 13]. "Robert Deeble and his son" to have thirty acres in the "great lots at the bounds betwixt Roxbury and Dorchester at the great hill," 4 January 1635/6 [DTR 14].
In the 18 March 1637/8 division of land, "Robert Deeble" received two acres and three-quarters and twenty-two rods in the neck and two acres and three-quarters and twenty rods in the Cow's Pasture [DTR 31]. "There is granted to Robert Deeble 1 acre of land joining to his own home lot and next to Mr. Adderton's towards the Dead Swamp," 31 October 1639 [DTR 40].

BIRTH: By about 1586 based on estimated date of marriage.
DEATH: After 7 February 1641[/2] [DTR 106] (and possibly after 1646 [DTR 286]). (Savage claimed that Robert Dibble "was living there [Dorchester] in 1652" [ Savage 2:46], but no evidence for this is seen.)

MARRIAGE: By about 1611 _____ _____. She is not seen in any New England record.
i FRANCES, b. about 1611 (aged 24 in 1635 [ Hotten 285]); no further record.
ii THOMAS, b. about 1613 (aged 22 in 1635 [Hotten 285]); m. (1) by 1637 Miriam _____ (eldest known child b. Windsor 29 August 1637 [ Grant 31]); m. (2) Windsor 25 June 1683 Elizabeth (_____) (Hawks) Hinsdale ("Tho[mas] Dible Senior of Windsor [and] Eliz[abeth] Hensdell of Hadly" [ CTVR 52]), widow of John Hawks and ROBERT HINSDALE {1637, Dedham} [Hinsdale Gen 62].
ASSOCIATIONS: Abraham Dibble appeared in Boston by 1648, and resided later in Haddam and Suffield in Connecticut; and John Dibble appeared in Springfield in the early 1640s [Savage 2:46]. Nothing other than identity of surname suggests a relationship among these three men. Research in English records might resolve this problem.
COMMENTS: On 31 March 1634, "Robert Dible" appears on the list of passengers on the Recovery of London, preparing to depart for New England from Weymouth [ NGSQ 71:171, 77:250]. On 20 March 1634/5, "Thomas Dible, husbandman," aged 22, and "Francis Dible, soror [sister]," aged 24, appear on the passenger list of the Marygould preparing to depart for New England from Weymouth [Hotten 285; GMN 7:9].
Pope claims that Robert Dibble moved to Windsor, as did his son Thomas, but no record of Robert Dibble is found in Windsor, or elsewhere in Connecticut.
On 7 February 1641[/2], "Robert Deeble" signed a Dorchester petition with regard to the establishment of a free school [DTR 106]. In an undated account of the constables, possibly from 1646, "Robert Deeble" was paid £1 [DTR 286].
Robin Bush found the baptisms of three children of a Robert Dibble at St John's, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, including a daughter "Frauncisca" baptized on 17 June 1609 [ M&JCH 25:31]. This entry is tantalizing but by itself is not sufficient to make the identification. These baptisms as published seem to contain some inaccuracies, and further research is needed.

The Great Migration Begins

Ancestry Chain: Robert DIBBLE Immigrant b.1581, Thomas DIBBLE Immigrant b.1614, Samuel DIBBLE b.1643, Thankful DIBBLE b.1685, Joseph BRONSON b.1708, David BRONSON b.1733, Sylvanus BRONSON b.1769, Mary BRONSON b.1806, Martin Luther ENSIGN b.1831, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859, George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark, JR.

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