Monday, January 24, 2011

Great Swamp Fight - Fort Narragansett - King Philip's War

The settlements enjoyed a period of growth and development for the next decade, until the 1660s when threats from the surrounding Indian tribes began to grow. War finally erupted June 1675 in Swansea, Massachusetts with "King Philip", second son of Massasoit, sachem of the Pokanoket Indians. In the beginning Connecticut felt secure in its geographical location and longstanding alliance with the local Mohegans...then followed several years of brutal attacks and a reign of terror against the English settlements.
The Narragansetts had remained fairly neutral until this time, but were found sheltering some of King Philip's men. Three hundred and fifteen Connecticut men lead by [uncle] Major Robert Treat attacked the Narragansett fort on December 19, 1675 and were met by 2,000 Indians. This was later known as the "Great Swamp Fight," and [grandfather] Capt. John Mason was killed in the battle as was [grandfather] Samuel Marshall and [uncle] Ebenezer Dibble. [Grandfather] Captain James Avery was not killed.

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