Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am Thankful for my family then and now.

Amy Ella HAWKES SMITH (1897-1971),
Laura Elizabeth PARKER WOOD (1889-1970),
with JBW the youngest grandchild of both.
Holidays 1968

My teenage holidays included both my grandmothers. Through out the 1960's every Thanksgiving and Christmas we would host our grandparents for the Holiday meal. Grandma Laura had been widowed in 1932. Grandma Ella spend several years caring for Grandpa Ensign (1898-1967) before he could not attend anymore. He was in the hospital for the last two years of his life. Almost all of my parents siblings had moved from Salt Lake, that gave us the opportunity to be very close to our grandparents, we rarely had to share them. Several times aunt Leona and her daughters would travel, joining us for the Holiday. And a couple time uncle Lex and his wife Marge would attend. Grandma Ella was always in her apron she did as much cooking as mother did. I loved her candied yams and her bread stuffing. My dad wanted the stuffing a little more moist or dry I can't remember which.

Thanks to my sister for inviting my children to her Thanksgiving dinner.

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