Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cousins and exteded family

above: Christmas Eve's abt 1956 with all the SMITH family.
below: Camillla and Leona's family at Grandma's abt 1957

Wood's visit Grandpa 1960

Denise W., Gaye W. Lark W., Corinne W. in front of George Ensign SMITH, Camilla S. Wood holding Wesley W.

Wood family with Cousins and Grandparents
Thanksgiving at the WOOD Home 1965
from back left - Loretta Kravet, Gaye W., Corinne W., Sarah Kravet, Denise W., Lark W., Kristine Isaksen, Leona Smith Kravet, Laura Elizabeth Parker Wood; floor left - Amy Ells Hawkes Smith, Camilla Smith Wood; front - Wesley W.


Talyn said...

Were you roasting marshmallows or picking up trash with those sticks? :)

Lark said...

We did often go the grandpa's house for back your BBQ's cooked over brickets. I don't remember this event.

I do remember what I looked like at 9 years old, only because of other photos. That age would go with the age Wes looks.

Aunt Myrle didn't remember her father ever looking this thin.