Thursday, September 16, 2010

George Washington GIBSON family

Five generation photo -
seated with white bow is our
2nd great grand aunt Frances Abigail GIBSON GREEN
daughter of George Washington GIBSON and Mary Ann SPARKS,
half sister of Sarah Jane GIBSON WOOD.

I find this very interesting because of generations pictured. The years are far off but the generations are similar to my pedigree back to George Washington GIBSON.

generations pictured:
1 George Washington GIBSON 1800-1871
2 Frances Abigail GIBSON GREEN 1832-1913 (pictured)
3 daughter (pictured)
4 daughter (pictured)
5 daughter (pictured)
6 baby (pictured)

our generations:
1 George Washington GIBSON 1800-1871
2 Sarah Jane GIBSON WOOD 1863-1936 [1/2 sister of Fances Abigail GIBSON GREEN]
3 John Andrew WOOD 1883-1932
4 Kirt DeMar WOOD 1923-1987
5 Lark
6 BR

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