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Church History in the family - Eliza R. Snow School

Almeda Sophia ROUNDY attended Eliza R. Snow's School
in the Red Brick Store at Nauvoo

Eliza R. Snow’s private school met in the upper room of Joseph Smith’s red brick store in Nauvoo, Illinois. From 12 December 1842 to 17 March 1843, the Roundy sisters Almeda Sophia and Samantha attended Eliza R. Snow’s school. Thirty-seven students from the age of four to seventeen were enrolled. Some of Sophia and Samantha’s class mates were four of Joseph and Emma Smith’s children, five of Newel K. Whitney’s children, one of William Marks’ children, three of Vinson Knight’s children, and two of the Partridge children. Sophia turned 14 just before the close of the school. On the last day of school, both Samantha and Sophia wrote a tribute to Sister Snow.

"The time has now arrived when it falls to my lot to bid you farewell as a teacher; it is with feelings of regret that I do so. I would still wish to continue under the guidance of one who I feel is possess’d [sic] of every qualification necessary to instruct the useful mind in all the branches of useful knowledge. I am not insensible to the interest you have manifested in my behalf, but have witnessed it with pleasure, and my desire is, that I may have as great an interst for myself and endeavor as far as possible to profit from the instructions given me. Receive my heartfelt gratitude for every kindness bestowed upon me; and may the time not be far distant when I shall again sit under the sound of your voice and listen to all the good advice and every instruction which you may deem proper to give me. Excuse all imperfections and receive these lines as a token of that high regard which I feel for a kind and affectionate teacher."
(signed) Sophia Roundy.

Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, editor, The Personal Writings of Eliza Roxy Snow (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1995), 72.

Ancestry Chain: TR, Lark, Kirt DeMar WOOD, Laura Elizabeth PARKER, Charles PARKER, Almeda Sophia ROUNDY.

“With pleasure now I take my pen, to write these humble lines In token of respect for one, whose heart with wisdom shines Whose words of admonition given, have caused me to rejoice And pray that I, like thee might make intelligence my choice, I feel that nobleness of mind, is what the Lord admires, And from they pen effusions flow, which oft my heart inspires; I feel an anxious wish arise that I like thee might be In time the favor’d one of heaven, to write sweet poetry, I now return my thanks sincere, for kind attention giv’n And pray that thy reward may be, rich blessings sent from heav’n; May all they future days be crown’d with peach and happiness Thy works obtain for thee at last, a robe or righeousness.”
(signed) Samantha Roundy.

Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, editor, The Personal Writings of Eliza Roxy Snow (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1995), 72-73.

Samantha Roundy was 18 when the school closed.

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