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Kanarraville Cemetery - PARKER - DAVIES / DAVIS

Great grandparents, grandparents and Parents, of Laura Elizabeth PARKER WOOD (1889-1970).

Our ancestral sure name DAVIES was changed to DAVIS by James George DAVIS because it was pronounced "Davis" and too often misspelled after leaving Wales.

William Reese DAVIES (1805-1865) and Rachel MORRIS (1803-1882).
First man and women baptized in South Wales 1843. William R. DAVIES was the first Welsh speaking missionary in Wales.
Councilor to Dan Jones head of the emigrating company on the "Buena Vista" sailed in 1849. Called as branch Leader, at Council Bluffs.
Arrive in Utah 1852 William Morgan Wagon Train. First Presiding Elder of the Fort Harmony.

William Reese DAVIES born 1805 Saint Ishmael, Wales, married Rachel MORRIS abt 1824 Swansen, Wales, died 1805 Kanarraville, UT.
Rachel MORRIS born born 1803 Saint Ishmael, Wales, died 1882 Kanarraville, UT.
Parents of five children. George DAVIES, John Rees DAIVES, Elizabeth DAVIES WILLIAMS DAVIES, James George DAVIES / DAVIS, David DAVIES (child).

William Reese was the son of Rees DAVIES and Ann THOMAS.
Rachel was the daughter of George MORRIS and Catherine ANTHONY.

John Davis PARKER (1799-1891) and Almeda Sophia ROUNDY (1829-1912)

John Davis PARKER born 1799 Saratoga, NY.
Baptized 1832, member of ZIONS camp, 1835 member of First Quorum of Seventy, body guard to Joseph SMITH Jr., 1841 New Orleans Mission, built wagons at Winter Quarters for five years, captain of 10 Stewart's company 1852.
First married Harriet SHERWOOD (deaf) before 1834 Nauvoo, IL two or more children all died as infants, this marriage ended in divorce.
Second married Almeda Sophia ROUNDY 1846 Nauvoo, IL. John and Sophia were the parents of ten children. Jared R. PARKER (infant), John Davis PARKER (teen), Malinda PARKER ROUNDY, Charles PARKER, Mary Ellen PARKER (child), Betsey Jane PARKER SMITH, Otho PARKER (child), Lauretta PARKER (teen), Almeda Sophia PARKER TAYLOR, Samantha PARKER BERRY.
Third married Samantha ROUNDY 1846 Nauvoo, IL - no children.
Samantha was the older sister of second wife.

John Davis PARKER died 1891 in Kanarraville, UT.
John was the son of Able PARKER and Mary DAVIS.

Almeda Sophia ROUNDY was born 1829 Spafford, NY and died 1912 Alton, UT.
Sophia was the daughter of Shadrach ROUNDY and Bestsy QUIMBY.

James George DAVIS (1832-1909) and POLLY WILLIAMS (1838-1914)

James George DAVIS called "Uncle Jim" by all in Kanarra. He was the son of William Reese DAVIES and Rachel MORRIS and was born 1832 in Llanelly, Wales. He pioneered to Utah before his parents traveling with his brother John Reese DAVIES and their widowed sister in-law Mary Ann GRIFFITHS DAVIES. He was called on an Indian mission by Brigham Young to discern if the Welsh language could be found among the indians. James married 1856 in St. George, UT Polly WILLIAMS daughter of John WILLIAMS and Marcy Jane LUCAS WILLIAMS BARNEY. Polly was born 1838 in springfield, IL.

James and Polly were the parents of eleven children. Rachel DAVIS (infant), Elizabeth Ann DAVIS PARKER, James Lorenzo DAVIES/DAVIS, William Reese DAVIS, George Alma DAVIES/DAVIS, Myron Thomas DAVIS, Reese DAVIES, Nora DAVIS BERRY, Eleanor Matilda DAVIS POLLOCK, Albert DAVIS.

James George died 1909 in Kanarraville, UT. Polly died 1914 in Kanarraville, UT.

Charles PARKER Sr. (1853-1935) and Elizabeth Ann DAVIS (1859-1927)

Charles was the son of John Davis PARKER and Almeda Sophia ROUNDY.
Elizabeth was the daughter of James George DAVIS and Polly WILLIAMS.

Charles was born 1853 Centerville, UT. He married Elizabeth 1880 in St George, UT. Elizabeth was born 1853 Old Fort Harmony, UT. The Parker's are the parents of nine children. Zina Ett PARKER POLLOCK, Charles PARKER Jr., Esther PARKER ROBB, Laura Elizabeth PARKER WOOD, (Dee) John Davis PARKER, Sophia PARKER STAPLEY, (Lena) Samantha Ahlena PARKER WILLIAMS, Ray Cecil PARKER, (Fay) Bruce Fayette PARKER.

Charles PARKER Sr. died 1935 in Kanarraville, UT. Elizabeth also died in Kanarraville in 1927.

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