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Kanara Relief Society Notes 1895-1915

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Kanara Relief Society Notes: [Sister Sophia Parker 1829-1912 (Almeda Sophia Roundy Parker)/ Almeda Parker 1868-1914 m. Eugene Llewelyn Taylor, daughter of Almeda Sophia Roundy Parker/ Laura Parker 1889-1970 - daughter of Charles Parker Sr. 1853-1935 who was son of Almeda Sophia Roundy Parker / Priscilla Parrish Roundy wife of Lorenzo Wesley Roundy 1819-1876 who was older brother of Almeda Sophia Roundy Parker.]

Volume 2 1895-1915 Relief Society Minutes

p. 1 (30 Oct 1895) S C Roundy secretary; “Minuets of a meeting” 30 Oct 1895 to incorp. Mary C. Nuttal elected meeting president

p. 4 (30 Oct 1895) directors elected at this meeting: Lovina N. Berry, Martha J. Ford, Young E. Stapley, S. C. Roundy, Almeda S. Parker; trustees: Harriet L. Stapley, Elizabeth A. Parker,Florence Mulliner [Elizabeth Ann Davis Parker wife of Charles Parker Sr. and daughter of James George Davis/Davies and Polly Williams.]

p. 5 (30 Oct 1895) directors meet 30 Oct 1895 and elected officers; Lovina Berry as president, on motion of S.C. Roundy second vice president is chosen, Y.E. Stapley; Martha Ford as first vice president; Almeda Parker made a motion to elect S.C. Roundy as secretary. Martha Ford nominated Almeda Parker for treasurer. [Almeda Parker is sister to Charles Parker Sr.]

p. 5 (7 Nov 1895) “… Sisters P P Roundy. H M Williams and Mary A. Griffen were elected members of the association. Sister Stapley spoke upon the organization of the association…. Sisters Jane E. Berry and P P Roundy also bore their testimony to the truth of the work and desired to prove faithful [p. 6] … Pres. L. N. Berry spoke upon obtaining donations and also the storing of Grain…. Benediction by Y. Elizabeth Stapley

p. 6 (5 Dec 1895) meetings held at L N Berry’s… Sister Lovina Berry said she felt well in regards to our religion and said the poor of our Ward should be taken care of hoped the sisters would all through in their might [sic] Sister Sophia Parker said she knew this was a true church, and knew Joseph Smith to be a true Prophet. Said we should look after the poor also our dead friends…. Sister Elizabeth Stapley spoke upon the pleasure she took in attending meeting. Also upon being prayerful and humble at all times. [p. 7]… It was moved and seconded that Sister E Stapley act as executive of this Association and unaneimously carried.

p. 7 (22 Nov 1895) meet at Sister Parker’s; benediction by J E Stapley

p. 8 (1 Apr 1896) met at Sister Stapleys presided over by Sister Stapley…. Sister Stapley bore her testimony and gave us some good instructions…. A. S. Parker…. Gave an interesting account of the life of the prophet Joseph

p. 8 (31 Jan 1896) met at Sister Jane E. Berry’s “for the purpose of celebrating the 75th birthday of Zina D. Young”… A Poem was then read by Sister P P Roundy Composed by Eliza R. Snow…. A sketch of Sister Zina D. Young’s life was then delivered by Sister Sophia Parker….

p. 9 (7 May 1896) Counselor Elizabeth Stapley regretted that our meetings had been neclected hoped the sisters would be more diligent and that we would be able to do better in the future…. Sisters Rebecca Berry, Zepher Nixon and S C Roundy bore their testimonies…. Benediction by S C Roundy

p. 10 (4 June 1896) Sister Stapley gave the prayer; Sister Stapley spoke upon setting good examples before our children and the rising generation….

p. 10 (9 June 1896) prayer by Sister P P Roundy… & P P Roundy felt thankful for the instructions (p. 11)

p. 11 (1 Oct 1896) “Sister Sophia Parker spoke upon being united and the storing of grain….”

p. 14 (4 Mar 1897) Sister Elizabeth Stapley said she felt like being one with the rest of the sisters. Said that she knew that this was the true Gospel and was willing to do her part. Sister S Parker spoke and gave some very good advise and was willing to all the good she could and spoke of being healed by the laying on of hands twice and had seen a good many healed by administration…. Sister Kate Roundy said she was satisfied with the society and hopeded [sic] we would have a good time together….

p. 18 (19 Jan 1898) at Sophia Parkers; E Stapley presiding “the afternoon spent in sewing carpet rags”; benediction by P P Roundy

p. 28 (8 June 1899) Persilla Roundy presiding…. Counsler Parsilla Roundy felt well and knew it was a duty to come to meeting and bore a strong testimony to the truth of the work Ask the Lord to bless us.
Sophia Parker… Spoke of her experience in the church, and when it was left without a prophet… [p. 29] Counselor Parsilla Roundy felt like relating some of her experiences in the church. She read of the celebration of Brigham Youngs 98 Birthday at S L Cit…[Parsilla Roundy is the sister in-law of Sophia Roundy Parker.]

p. 29 (22 June 1899) prayer by P P Roundy

pp. 29-30 (29 July 1899) prayer by councilor P P Roundy

p. 30 (9 Nov 1899) at PP Roundy’s…. 9 present…. M. J. Ford was pleased to see so many of the sisters presant…. Sister Lovina Berry…. had had her prayers answered in behalf of her children and other things…. Councler P. Roundy bore her testimony to the work of the Lord she had her weakness[es] but was trying to overcome them. Sister Sophia Parker read a chapter from Life of the Profit [sic] Joseph Smith…

p. 33 (3 Feb 1900) Sister Lovina Berry was Nominated by Sister P P Roundy to fulfill the place of Sister Hariet Stapley as being trustee who had moved away. P P Roundy bore her testimony and encouraged the sisters, to attend their duty…. Sister Almeda Parker…. Related how the Relief Soceity [sic] was carried on in Neavoue in the early rise of the church [p. 34] Sister Hannah Williams felt well in coming to meetings and doing all the good she could and spoke about looking after the poor among us. Sister Sarah Roundy bore her testimony and felt like pressing forward. She had been a member of the Relief Society since she was 16. And felt well when she attended the meetings.

p. 344 (8 Feb 1900) at P P Roundy’s; P P Roundy bore her testimony. She knew that the Lord had been good to his children. She said that we ought to be thankfull for his blessings. And felt like going forward and to try and live near o[u]r heavenly father… Sister Sophia Parker…. Felt like doing all she could to comfort the sick…

p. 36 (17 Mar 1900) Sister Priscilla Roundy read a peice for the Life of Heber C. Kimball intitled a word of good to Heber C. Kimball. She bore her testimony of the work of God. And that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were true prophets of God.

p. 37 (22 Mar 1900) prayer by P P Roundy; benediction by Emma Roundy

p.. 38 (“April” 1900) P P Roundy gives prayer; Sister Sarah Roundy felt like bearing her testimony to the sisters. For when she bore her testimony it strengthened her. She had her prayers answered and felt like it was her duty to come to meeting and ask the Lord to bless us at all times. Sister Pricilla Roundy bore her testimony. Said she always hoped she would have a testimony to bear. She knew that no [one] but the Mormons could of lived in this valley when it was first settled. She related some of her early experience, in this valliey She also related some of the sayings of our leaders and had seen them fullfuled.

p. 39 (5 July 1900) prayer by P P Roundy; Concler Pricilla Roundy had a testimony to bear. It was fifty six years ago sence she had been baptized. And felt like pressing forward and remember her prayers. She said if she lived as she should the Lord would bless her and help her overcome her weakness. Hoped she would prove true to the end. Ask[ed] God to bless us continely…. Sister Sophia Parker never had a doubt of the truth of the Gospel since she joined the church. Related some of her experiences in thee early days of the church. how the sick had been healed by administration by the hand of her father [Shadrach Roundy] and desired to set a good example before her sisters…. [p. 40] Sister Sarah Roundy felt like coming to meeting And throwing in her might with the rest of the sisters. She knew this was the true church. and felt like coming and bearing her testimony. She encouraged the sisters all to attend meeting.

p. 43 (8 Nov 1900) at Y E Stapley’s; Counseler Y E Stapley presiding…. 9 present Sister Stapley was pleased to meet with the sisters again, and spoke of the progress of this work…. Sister Sophia Parker…. Spoke of the prophisies of the Prophet Joseph and their ful[fil]ment and had been invited to the Prophets house to parties and eating at his table… Sister Sarah Roundy bore her testimony to the truthfullness of this work. S C Roundy secretary

p. 46 (2 Mar 1901) [previous was an organizational meeting; this was a regular meeting] prayer by P P Roundy; Sister Sophia Parker felt like saying something [p. 47] with the rest of the sisters. She related an instance when her father [Shadrach Roundy] was healed by the laying on of hands, by the Prophet Joseph. And also of a time when she was instancny [sic] healed by administration
Sister P P Roundy bore a strong testimony And advised the sisters to get the names of their dead relation[s] and do their work…. Benediction by Emma Roundy

p. 47 (21 Mar 1901) piecing quilt blocks

p. 50 (9 Jan 1902) … Sister Sophia Parker…. Read a peice in the woman exponent pertaining to the relief Soceity….

p. 52 (6 Feb 1902) Sister Sophia Parker felt well in coming to meeting. She related some of her experiences in Nauvoo when she was young. how the Relief Society was carried on there. how they all donated 50 cents to buy the glass for the temple. She read a sketch of the life of Pheba Carter who married President Wilford Woodruff. and also read some of the doings of the Twelve apostals in the early days.

pp. 52-53 (20 Feb 1902 [over it is written 1892]) different writing; Elizabeth Stapley sustained as a teacher

p. 53 reorganized for the 60th anniversary of the Relief Society. [agenda] Speech. The First organization of the R.S. by Sophia Parker; Sentiment Elizabeth Stapley, Iron Davies “The Spinsters Convention” and lists girls there, but no Sarah Roundy

p. 53 (20 Mar [no year given]) prayer by Elizabeth Stapley

p. 54 (7 Aug 1902) Sister Kate Roundy spoke well in regards to attending our meetings.

p. 57 (8 Jan 1903) testimony meeting.

p. 59 (9 Apr 1903) Sophia Parker felt well in coming to meeting. Related some of the instructions of Joseph Smith gave in the first Relief Society Told what their duty was in taking care of the sick and poor. And she gave some good concil to the sisters…. Martha Williams and Kate Roundy bore their testimonies….

p. 61 (11 June 1903) Sister Sophia Parker felt weak in speaking to our sisters…. Spoke of the good of the RS in helping take dare of the sick in the ward, and looking after our children and setting a good example….

p. 61 (11 June 1903) Sister Sophia Parker felt weak in speaking to our sisters…. Spoke of the good of the RS in helping take dare of the sick in the ward, and looking after our children and setting a good example….

p. 72 (1903) program, prayer by James Stapley; sentiment Irona Davis, program for the danced, speech J. W. Berry, song John D. Williams John W. Platt Toast Samuel J Ford, song Malinda Williams Laura Parker and Hilda Pollock, committee on refreshments Irona Davis Zephyr Nixon, decoration committee Ethal Williams Isabell Williams Amanda Reeves.
[Laura Parker m. John Andrew Wood she is the daughter of Charles Parker Sr. 1853-1935 who was son of John Davis Parker 1799-1891 and Alemda Sophia (Roundy) Parker 1829-1912.]

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Volume 2 1895-1915 Relief Society Minutes

pp. 127-28 (20 June 1912) 10 present, sewing rags.

p. 139 (4 June 1914) quilting; no meetings in May.

p. 2155 (9 Nov 1915) S C Roundy presiding at Elizabeth A. Parkers…. Pres Roundy said this was testamoney day and after bearing her testamoney the meeting was open for the rest of the sisters…. Elly Reeves bore testamoney and told how she had been healed by the administration of the Elders… Parker had not walked a step in 8 years, not healed but blessed. [Elizabeth Ann Davis Parker was crippled by rheumatism and arthritis. Her daughter Laura Parker had quit school in Cedar City to stay home and take care of her mother for several years Laura did all the house work for the family before Laura married in 1910.]

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