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Henry BARNEY - second husband of Marcy Jane LUCAS / Step Father of Polly WILLIAMS

  • Name: Henry BARNEY
  • Surname: BARNEY
  • Given Name: Henry
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1 Jun 1816 in Paint Creek, Wayne Twp, Fayette, Ohio, USA
  • Death: ABT 1890 in Cannonville, Garfield, Utah Territory, USA

  • [Henry Barney, born 1 Jun 1815 in Winchester, Knox Co., Ohio; died in Cannonville, Garfield Co., Utah, son of Charles Barney and Mercy Yoeman. He married (1) in 1835 in Summit, Clinton Co., Ohio, Marcy Jane Lucas, born 25 Dec 1813 in Clinton, Summit Co., Ohio; died 20 Mar 1896 in Escalante, Garfield Co., Utah; daughter of Thomas Lucas and Sarah Hoblit. He married; (2) on 10 Oct 1863 in Salt Lake City, Utah Mary Powell, born 10 Mar 1847 in St. Luke, London, Middlesex; christened 7 Feb 1849 in Shoreditch, St. John the Baptist, London, Middlesex; died 15 Oct 1932 in Bexley, Franklin Co., Ohio; daughter of James Thomas Henry Powell and Sarah Brittle; (3) Mary Bromel.

    The following found at:

    "Henry Barney, with his family, moved to Illinois and then to Iowa, where they joined the Church. They settled in Nauvoo, Illinois, where* he married [Marcy Jane LUCAS WILLIAMS] a young widow with six children. They had a son in Springfield, Illinois, and shortly after, made the trek to the Valley. They lived in Provo and Manti where two more children were born, and then they went south to help settle several communities (including) New Harmony, Grafton, and Virgin City. He served as a bishop's counselor for a time. Henry was reputed to be an adopted son of John D. LEE. They lived in New Harmony at the time of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. He was not directly involved but remained behind to take the water turns of those who went. He is listed as receiving some of the spoils. He operated the first molasses mill in Dixie. He took to wife an Indian girl amid some controversy. Some time later, his first wife, Marcy, took the children and went to Kanarra. In 1863 he married Mary POWELL and they helped settle the "Muddy Mission," and later Monroe, Utah. Henry spent his last years in Cannonville, Utah, where he died in a cave-in while digging an irrigation canal."

    From HEART THROBS OF THE WEST, vol. 3 (Pioneer Mills and Millers):
    "The molasses business is one of Dixie's outstanding accomplishments. Henry BARNEY ran the first molasses mill in 1858 or 1859 at Virgin. It was made with wooden rollers, out of mountain mahogany. It was such a primitive affair and had to run night and day in order to take care of the cane, before heavy frosts came. It squeaked so that it could be heard all over town and sounded just like a flock of geese. The boiler was made out of the bottom of a cook stove, with wooden sides fastened at the corners with wooden screws, and corked with cotton to keep it from leaking...." (from Daughters of Utah Pioneers)

    From HEART THROBS OF THE WEST, vol. 12 (Pioneer Furniture, Garfield County):
    "The rawhide-bottom chairs used in the prayer circle room, Stake Presidency and Relief Society rooms of the old Bishop's Building in Panguitch, were made of ashwood from Ash Creek, Dixie, by Henry BARNEY. Meetings at that time were held in the old tithing office in Panguitch. Later when the Bishop's building was erected in 1911 they (the chairs) were taken to the upstairs room which had been dedicated and set apart for the purpose of holding prayer circle. These chairs were made between 1890 and 1900 during the time Jesse W. Crosby served as Stake President......they were later taken downstairs and used in the Seminary room. In 1950, when the new Welfare building was dedicated, they were taken there to be preserved."

    According to OUR PIONEER HERITAGE, vol. 20, Henry Barney was a member of the first brass band in Garfield County. This band played for many years.

    Another reference to Henry Barney appears in Vol. 16: "When organized, Toquerville was attached to Harmony Ward which at this time also embraced the settlements of Pinto, Pine Valley, and Washington. The Bishopric of Harmony Ward was William Rees Davies, with John R. Davies and Henry BARNEY, counselors."
    [William Rees Davies is our grandfather. (father in-Law of Polly WILLIAMS DAVIS) John R. Davies is the son of William Rees Davies. ]
    see also

    note: CONQUERORS OF THE WEST: STALWART MORMON PIONEERS gives Henry's birthdate as 1 June 1816 at Winchester, Knox County, Ohio. Other sources say 1 June 1815 at Wayne Township, Fayette County, Ohio.


    1850 Census, Utah County, Utah
    p.132; dwelling #194; family #194:

    Henry BARNEY; age 34; male; occupation: Farmer; value of real estate: $50; birthplace: Ohio
    Marcy BARNEY; age 37; female; birthplace: Ohio
    Sarah BARNEY*; age 14; female; birthplace: Ill.; attending school
    Polly BARNEY*; age 12; female; birthplace: Ill.; attending school [Polly WILLIAMS DAVIS]
    Elizabeth BARNEY*; age 10; female; birthplace: Ill.; attending school
    George BARNEY*; age 8; male; birthplace: Ill.; attending school
    Mary A. BARNEY*; age 6; female; birthplace: Ill.; attending school
    Alma BARNEY; age 3; male; birthplace: Ill.
    Jacob H. BARNEY; age 2/12; male; birthplace: Deseret
    Ransom AMES; age 22; male; occupation: Laborer; birthplace: Wisconsin

    *the first five of these children were actually the children of Marcy Jane LUCAS (WILLIAMS)(BARNEY) and her first husband, John WILLIAMS. In most records they used the surname WILLIAMS.

    1860 Census, Virgin City, Washington County, Utah (date: 24 July 1860)
    Post Office: Tokerville; p.141; dwelling #1188; family #1059:

    Hy. (Henry) BARNEY; age 46; male; occupation: Far(mer); value of real estate: $300; value of personal estate $600; birthplace: Ohio
    Mercy BARNEY; age 47; female; birthplace: Ohio; cannot read or write
    Geo. BARNEY; age 17; male; birthplace: Ill.
    Alma BARNEY; age 12; male; birthplace: Ill.
    Mercy J. BARNEY; age 5; female; birthplace: U(tah) T(erritory)

    1870 Census, St. Joseph, Rio Virgin County, Utah Territory (date: 1 July 1870)
    dwelling #35; family #35:

    BARNEY, Henry; age 54; male; white; occupation: Farmer; value of real estate: $100; value of personal estate: $100; birthplace: Ohio
    BARNEY, Mary; age 21; female; white; occupation: Keepinghouse; birthplace: England
    BARNEY, Mary A.; age 5; female; white; birthplace: Utah
    BARNEY, Henry; age 4; male; white; birthplace: Utah
    BARNEY, David; age 2; male; white; birthplace: Utah
    BARNEY, James W.; age 8mo.; male; white; month of birth: Oct.; birthplace: Utah

    (note: Rio Virgin County was included in Utah Territory for the 1870 Census, even though it is actually located in Nevada. This area, known as the "Muddy Mission," was settled by Mormons who were called by Brigham Young in 1868. The Muddy Mission was not a success, was closed in 1871, and the settlers returned to Utah).

    1880 Census, Panguitch, Iron, UT:
    Henrie BARNEY, age 64, marital status: Widowed, occupation: Chair Maker, birthplace: OH, father's birthplace: VT, mother's birthplace: VT

    Henry BARNEY and John D. LEE were disfellowshipped by Bishop William Rees DAVIES for taking Indian women as wives. John D. LEE was the presiding officer over the Indian Mission and Henry BARNEY was a counselor to Bishop DAVIES.

    John D. LEE writes in his journal that he was exonerated by Brigham Young and told to treat an Indian wife with the same respect as his other wives.

    When Henry BARNEY married Mary POWELL in 1863. It appears that either he abandoned Mary Jane or she no longer welcomed him. It seems he was not a part of Marcy Jane's life after this marriage.

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