Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Group of John D. PARKER and A. Sophia ROUNDY

Family of
John Davis PARKER (1799 NY-1891 UT)
Almeda Sophia ROUNDY
(1829 NY-1912 UT)
m. 3 Feb 1846 Nauvoo Temple.
-see photo above-

1- Jared R. PARKER (1847 Kanesville, Iowa-1847 Kanesville, Iowa/ infant.)

2- John Davis PARKER (1849 Kanesville, Iowa-1868 Utah/age 19.)

3- Malinda PARKER (1851 Kanesville, Iowa-1937 St. George, Utah/ mother of ten) m. 1872 1st cousin-William Heber ROUNDY. -see both in photo left-

4- Charles PARKER
(1853 Centerville, UT-1935 Kanaraville, UT/ father of nine) m. 1880 Elizabeth Ann DAVIS. -see photo right-

5- Mary Ellen PARKER (1857 Centerville, UT- 1866 Upper Kanab, UT/ Scarlet fever age 10.)

6- Betsey Jane PARKER (1859 Centerville, UT-1951 UT/ mother of seven) m.1880 John George SMITH. -see photo left-

7- Otho PARKER (1862 Weber Valley, UT-1866 Upper Kanab, UT/ Scarlet fever age 4.)

8- Lauretta PARKER (1865 chicken Creek, UT-1880 UT/ age 15.)

9- Almeda Sophia PARKER (1868 Kanarraville, UT-1947 Burley, ID mother of four) m. Eugene Llewelyn TAYLOR. -see photo left-

10- Samantha PARKER (1872 Kanarraville, UT-1915 Salt Lake City, UT/ mother of three) m. 1891 Joseph Smith BERRY.

Other Spouses of John Davis PARKER: 1-Harriet SHERWOOD m. before 1834 Nauvoo - all children died in childhood - divorced. 3-Samantha ROUNDY m. 1846 Nauvoo - no children.

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