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Obituary - Shadrach ROUNDY and Betsey QUIMBY ROUNDY

Obituary - Shadrach ROUNDY
July 4, 1872 p. 1

Elder Shadrack Roundy who had been acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith in Kirtland, Ohio, died in Salt Lake City. The following obituary notice appeared in the Deseret Evening news of July 5th, 1872. 21:340

"Of old age, at 7 o'clock yesterday [fourth of July] at his residence in this city, Shadrack Roundy, aged 83 years, 6 months, and 4 days. The life of the deceased, since joining the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been an eventful one. He resided in the State of New York when the Church was organized. Hearing of the work, and learning that the Prophet Joseph Smith had moved to Kirtland, Ohio, he visited that place, made the acquaintance of the Prophet, became convinced that the doctrines were of God and was baptized by him. He then returned to his home and emigrated with his family to Kirtland; from Ohio he moved with the Saints to Caldwell County, Missouri, shared in the mobbings and drivings to which the people of the church were subjected, and when they were expelled from the State, he was appointed one of a committee, Brother Heber C. Kimball being also one, whose duty it was to look after the poor and see that all were moved out. With the bulk of the people he remained at Quincy, Ill. until Nauvoo was selected as the new point at which the Saints should gather, when he removed thither. At Nauvoo he was one of the Prophet Joseph's guards, was with him whenever danger threatened, and was trusted and honored by him with marks of great confidence; which confidence was never weakened by any act of the deceased. For some years he acted at Nauvoo as Captain of the City Police. In the exodus from that place he was with the leading Co.; and afterwards, when the Pioneers left Winter Quarters, under the leadership of the Prophet Brigham, early in 1847, to find a home for the people at some point in the great wilderness embosomed in the Rocky Mt., he was an active member of the Co., and was the first man to break the sod of Great Salt
Lake Valley with that great emblem of civilization, the plow. When the pioneers returned, he accompanied them until they met the companies which were traveling on the trail of the pioneers, guided by the stakes which the latter had carefully marked and driven every ten miles of the road between the Missouri River and the place where this city now stands. In one of these companies he found his family and journeyed with them to this valley. In 1849 he took a mission with Pres. Jedediah M. Grant to the States, to assist in gathering up the poor saints, and returned here the next year. When the city was divided into wards he was appointed Bishop of the 16th Ward which position he filled until failing health required relief from its duties. For some years his health has been feeble; but, though weak in body, he was always strong and cheerful in Spirit. He never appeared in better health than about ten days ago, and thinking himself stronger than he was, exerted himself in his garden, caught Cold and was prostrated. His passage from the world was like the falling asleep of a child. He was gone to meet the reward for which he so diligently and steadfastly labored, and stands in need of no eulogium from the living.

Obituary - Betsey QUIMBY ROUNDY

Died, at her residence in the 16th Ward, on Sunday morning, March 28, 1880, at ten minutes past 5 a.m., MRS. BETSY QUIMBY ROUNDY, widow of the late Shadrach Roundy, former bishop of the Sixteenth Ward.

Deceased was born in the town of Lunenburgh, Essex County, State of Vermont, on the 29th day of June, 1793. Was baptized by Elder Orson Hyde in the year 1832; passed through all the trials and tribulations visited upon the Saints, without murmuring, firm and unwavering to the faith she had embraced; ever ready to share her bread with the hungry, to comfort the afflicted and succor the distressed. She was the mother of ten children, had seventy-one grandchildren, and seventy-three great grand children. She had taken to raise ten motherless children and nobly performed a mother's part to them. During the past three years she had been sorely afflicted, being almost entirely helpless, for twenty-one days she had been speechless and unable to partake of food, yes, whilst unable to speak also was quite conscious to the last, and several times made signs that she wished the administrations for the sick, earnestly desiring to be healed; at the last she passed quietly away and will now sleep until the resurrection of the J______

Funeral at the 16th Ward school-house Tuesday morning, March 30, at 10 a.m. Friends of the family are cordially invited to attend.

California and New York papers, please copy.

(From Deseret Evening News, Monday, March 28, 1880)


Lani said...

Hey there, cousin! I'm a descendant of Shadrach Roundy as well. Thanks for posting this obituary. I don't think my family has a copy of this! :-)

liz aka hobbledehoy said...

hi! I'm also a descendant of Shadrach Roundy. Thanks for posting the obit- I hadn't seen it until now.

sue said...

shadrach was my great great great grandfather

Bill said...

He is my great, great, great grandfather, I named my first son Shadrach

Becky said...

Wow,,,,thanks for posting,,,I'm a great great great great grandson of this great great great great man!

Donna Wilkins said...

This was my nobel 3 Great Grand Father. Thank you for sharing the faith of our fathers past. These stories do build faith not only in our heritage, but in the Gosple of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Loretta said...

Hey there family, I am a decendent of Shadrach and Betsey Roundy they are like my 6th great grandparents. My name is Loretta Sears O'Donnell I too am a mormon looking for other family members so my neice and I can finish our family tree. You may contact me at looking forward to hearing from some of you all.

The Craig Cardon Family said...

I too am a descendant of Shadrach and Betsey Roundy. I had never seen the obit or the picture of them sitting by each other. I would love to get any new information and pictures from other relatives. I can be contacted at looking forward to hearing from any of you.

dshurtz said...

I am a great-great-grandson of Shadrach and Betsy thru son Lorenzo Wesly, granddaughter Mary Alexie, and great-grandson Lorenzo Chase. That was a neat clipping.
Question: Anybody know what happened to rest of Betsy's obit -- ie, "will now sleep until the resurrection of the J______"

codyandashleyhutto said...

I am also a descendant of Shadrach Rowndy. He is my great great great great great grandfather. I am so proud to be apart of such a great family and amazing history!! Thanks for posting.

joshua roundy said...

he is my great great great great grandfather.

Jana said...

I am also a descendant of Shadrach Roundy! How great to have a copy of this. Thank you! :)
-Jana Barkdull Raddon