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My Grandparents who were English Monarchs

pictured - Matilda of Flanders Queen of England
we are related through 3 of her children by two husbands

These Royal Grandparents are through George Ensign SMITH and are shown in bold type.


House of Wessex
[38th to 44th great-grandfather Egbert, he is on our pedigree chart 86 times.]
Egbert King of England
Born - c.775
son of Ealhmund of Kent
Married - Redburga
3 children
Died- 4 February 839, aged about 64

pictured - Kings Egbert, Ethelwulf,
Ethelbald, Ethelbert

Ethelwulf King of England
5 February 839-856
Born - Aachen
son of Egbert and Redburga
Married -
(1) Osburga
6 children
(2) Judith of Flanders
1 October 853
no children
Died - 13 January 858
62 or 63
Note: In 855 Ethelwulf took his youngest son Alfred (later to be called the Great) on a pilgrimage to Rome. On the return journey he made a profitable alliance by marrying our ancestor Charlemagne’s grand-daughter Judith, the daughter of Charles the Bald, King of France and Emperor of the Romans. [Charles was the son of Louis I ‘The Pious’] On his arrival in England with his thirteen-year-old bride, he found that his son, Ethelbald, had usurped his throne, but, rather than cause a civil war, he was content to take second place, reverting to his former kingdom of Kent. Two year later, in 858, he died.

Ethelbald son of Ethelwulf inadvisedly married his adolesent step-mother, Judith, which was contrary to the laws of the Church. Consequently Queen Judith’s father, King Charles the Bald of France, forced him to return his wife-mother and confined her to the solitude of the cloister. The story, however, has a more cheerful ending, for Queen Judith finally eloped with Baldwin, Count of Flanders, there by becoming an ancestress of our ancestors Matilda, the queen of William the Conqueror.

Uncle Ethelbald

Uncle Ethelbert

Uncle Ethelred

Alfred the Great King of England
24 April
Born - c.849 Wantage
son of Ethelwulf and Osburga
Married - Ealhswith
Winchester, 868
6 children
Died - 26 October 899, aged about 50

Pictured - Alfred the Great
"King Alfred the Great (849, ruled 871-899) was one of the best kings ever to rule mankind. He defended Anglo-Saxon England from Viking raids, formulated a code of laws, and fostered a rebirth of religious and scholarly activity. His reign exhibits military skill and innovation, sound governance and the ability to inspire men and plan for the future, piety and a practical commitment to the support of religion, personal scholarship and the promotion of education."

pictured - Edward the Elder

Edward the Elder King of England
27 October 899–924
Born - c.871-877
son of Alfred the Great and Ealhswith
Married -
(1) Ecgwynn
3 children
(2) Aelffaed
10 children
(3) Edgiva of Kent
4 children
Died - 17 July 924, Farndon, Cheshire, aged about 50

Uncle Elfward King of England

Uncle Athelstan the Glorious King of England

Edmund the Magnificent King of England
28 October 939–946
Born - c.921
son of Edward the Elder and Edgiva of Kent
Married -
(1) Elgiva
3 children
(2) Æthelflæd of Damerham
no children
Died - 26 May 946
aged about 25 (murdered)

pictured - Edmund the Magnificent

Uncle Edred King of England

Uncle Edwy the Fair King of England

pictured - Edgar the Peaceable
Edgar the Peaceable King of England
2 October
Born - c.943 Wessex
son of Edmund the Magnificent and Elgiva
Married -
(1) Ethelflaed c.960
1 son
(2) Wulfthryh
1 daughter
(3) Ælfthryth c.964
2 sons
Died - 8 July 975Winchester, aged about 32

Uncle Saint Edward the Martyr King of England

pictured - Ethelred the Unready

Ethelred the Unready King of England
(Æþelræd Unræd)
19 March 978–1016
Born - c.968
son of Edgar the Peaceable and Ælfthryth
Married -
(1) Ælflaed of Northumbria
4 children
(2) Aelgifu 991
6 children
(3) Emma of Normandy 1002
3 children
Died - 23 April 1016, London aged about 48

pictured - Edmund Ironside

Edmund Ironside King of England
Ruled - 24 April –30 November 1016
Born - c.993
son of Ethelred the Unready and Ælflaed of Northumbria
Married - Edith of East Anglia
2 children
Died - 30 November 1016, Glastonbury aged about 23

Edmund Ironside son Edward the Exile our ancestor was the father of St. Margaret of Scotland she married Malcolm III King of Scotland. St. Margaret and Malcolm III’s daughter Matilda of Scotland Married Henry I King of England. St. Margaret and Malcoms III’s son was David King of Scotland who was also our Grandfather.

House of Denmark

House of Wessex (restored)
pictured - seal of William I

House of Normandy
Grandfather [25th to 31st great-grandfather William I, he is on our pedigree chart 49 times.]
William I the Conqueror
(Guillaume le Conquérant ou le Bâtard)
25 December 1066–1087
Born -c.1027 Falaise Castle
son of Robert II, Duke of Normandy and Herleva
Married - Matilda of Flanders (daughter of Baldwin V of Flanders and Adele who was the daughter of Robert II King of France)
Cathedral of Notre Dame, 1053
10 children
Died - 9 September 1087, Priory of St. Gervais, aged about 60

Uncle William II Rufus

Henry I
(Henri Beauclerc)
5 August 1100–1135
Born -September 1068 Selby
son of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders
Married -
(1) Edith of Scotland also called Matilda (daughter of Malcolm II King of Scotland) Westminster Abbey, 11 November 1100
4 children
(2) Adeliza of Louvain
Windsor Castle, 29 January 1121
no children
Died - 1 December 1135, Saint-Denis-le-Fermont, aged 67

pictured - Henry I

Uncle Stephen King of England

pictured - coin of Empress Matilda

Empress Matilda queen of Germany and Queen of England
(Mathilde ou Maud l'Impératrice)
7 April–1 November 1141
Born - 7 February 1102, Sutton Courtenay
only legitimate daughter of Henry I and Edith of Scotland
Married -
(1) Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor
Mainz, 6 January 1114
no children
(2) Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou (son of King Foulques V, King of Jeruslem and Anjou)
Le Mans Cathedral, 22 May 1128
4 children
Died - 10 September 1167, Abbey of the Notre Dame des Prés, aged 65
Note: Matilda spent most of her early life at the Holy Roman Imperial Court with her husband, Henry V, whom she had married at the age of twelve. She got used to being waited on hand and foot and was a rather haughty disdainful woman. She returned to England after the emperor’s death and was recognised as heir to the English throne, upon the death of her brother. However, when King Henry died, the Barons chose her cousin, Stephen, instead. Pregnant and bringing up a young family in Normandy with her new husband, it took Matilda four years to invade England and press her claims.

pictured - Henry II

House of Plantagenet
Grandfather [21st to 25th great-grandfather Henry II, he is on our pedigree chart 7 times.]
Henry II
(Henri Court-manteau)
19 December 1154–1189
Birth - 5 March 1133, Le Mans
son of Geoffrey of Anjou and Matilda
Married - Eleanor of Aquitaine (daughter of William X Duke of Aquitaine)
Bordeaux Cathedral, 18 May 1152
8 children
Died - 6 July 1189, Château Chinon, aged 56

Uncle Henry the Young King

Uncle Richard I the Lionheart

pictured - John I Lackland John I is fictionalized in Disney's - Robinhood movie as "John the Phony King of England"

John Lackland
(Jean Sans Terre)
27 May 1199–1216[50]
Born - 24 December 1167, Beaumont Palace
son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine
Married -
(1) Isabel of Gloucester
Marlborough Castle, 29 August 1189
no children
(2) Isabella of Angoulême (daughter of Ayner Taillefer Count of Angouleme)
Bordeaux Cathedral, 24 August 1200
5 children
Died - 19 October 1216, Newark Castle, aged 48

pictured - Henry III

Henry III
28 October 1216–1272
Birth - 1 October 1207
Winchester Castle
son of John and Isabella of Angoulême
Married - Eleanor of Provence (daughter of Raymond Berenger V Count of Provence)
Canterbury Cathedral, 14 January 1236
9 children
Died - 16 November 1272, Westminster Palace, aged 65

pictured - Edward I Longshanks

Edward I Longshanks
20 November 1272–1307[52]
Birth - 17 June 1239, Westminster Palace
son of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence
Married -
(1) Eleanor of Castile (daughter of King Fernandol III)
Abbey of Las Huelgas, 18 October 1254
17 children
(2) Marguerite of France
10 September 1299
3 children
Died - 7 July 1307, Burgh by Sands, aged 68

pictured - coin of Edward II

Edward II
7 July 1307 – 25 January 1327[53]
Birth - 25 April 1284, Caernarfon Castle
son of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile
Married -Isabella of France (daughter of King Phillip IV the Fair)
Boulogne Cathedral, 25 January 1308
5 children
Died - 21 September 1327, Berkeley Castle, aged 43 (murdered)

Edward III
25 January 1327–1377
Birth - 13 November 1312, Windsor Castle
son of Edward II and Isabella of France
Married - Philippa of Hainault (daughter of William I Count of Hainaut)
York Minster, 24 January 1328
14 children
Died - 21 June 1377, Sheen Palace, aged 64
Note: two children of King Edward III, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York are great-great-grandfathers of King Edward IV. Both are are ancestors as well as their brother Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester.
pictured - Edward III

House of Lancaster

pictured - 1/2 penny with image of Edward IV

House of York
13th great-Grandfather through daugther Elizabeth also
14th great-Grandfather through daugther Ann
Edward IV
4 March 1461 – 3 October 1470
11 April 1471–1483
Birth - 28 April 1442 Rouen
son of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville
Married - Elizabeth Woodville (daughter of Richard Woodville and Jacquetta of Lexembourg)
Grafton Regis, 1 May 1464
10 children
Died - 9 April 1483, Westminster Palace, aged 40
Note: both daughters Anne and Elizabeth were grandmothers to William Warriner our Immigrant 9th great-Grandfather

Uncle Edward V

Uncle Richard III

pictured - Henry VII

House of Tudor
13th great-Grandfather
Henry VII
22 August 1485–1509[64]
Birth - 28 January 1457, Pembroke Castle
son of Edmund Tudor and Lady Margaret Beaufort
Married - Elizabeth of York (daugther of Edmund IV King of England)
Westminster Abbey, 18 January 1486
8 children
Died - 21 April 1509, Richmond Palace, aged 52

House of Stuart
12 great-grand Uncle Henry VIII

1st cousin 13 times removed
Elizabeth I

House of Stuart (restored)


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