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HAWKES - SMITH Ancestry Chains

I have been wanting this kind of an opportunity to share family photos for a long time. I have invited all my maternal cousins that I have email address for to take a look at and share this site. I have history for both my parents families that I want to share. And if I have to get very organized this will never get going. So I will randomly share what I am working on or come across. I will try to connect my grand parents with a genealogical chain beginning with my children. You will have to figure out where you fall into the chain.

Amy Ella HAWKES is the great-grandmother of JR
Lines of Descent from Amy Ella HAWKES
Amy Ella HAWKES b.1897
Camilla SMITH b.1926

George Ensign SMITH is the great-grandfather of JR
Lines of Descent from George Ensign SMITH
George Ensign SMITH b.1898
Camilla SMITH b.1926

Now this is interesting:
George Ensign SMITH and JR are 9th cousins 3 times removed.
Their common ancestors are John HOSKINS Immigrant and Ann FYLER Immigrant.
Lines of Descent from John HOSKINS & Ann FYLER
Rebecca HOSKINS b.1634 // Katherine HOSKINS b.1617
Thomas KELSEY b.1663 // Mary WILTON b.1631
Thomas KELSEY b.1701 // Thomas MARSHALL Deacon1 b.1663
Thomas KELSEY b.1729 // Catherine MARSHALL b.1699
Marcy KELSEY b.1764 // Catherine FOWLER b.1723
Thomas LUCAS b.1788 // Lydia NOBLE b.1768
Marcy Jane LUCAS b.1814 // Horace Datus ENSIGN b.1797
Polly WILLIAMS b.1838 // Martin Luther ENSIGN b.1831
Elizabeth Ann DAVIS b.1859 // Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859
Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889 // George Ensign SMITH b.1898
Kirt DeMar WOOD-13 b.1923 // Camilla SMITH- b. 1926
Lark // Lark
JR // JR

And this:
George Ensign SMITH and JR are 16th cousins 3 times removed.
Their common ancestors are Thomas L. GROSVENOR and Joan VENABLES.

Lines of Descent from T L. GROSVENOR & Joan VENABLES
Thomas GROSVENOR- b.1415 // Ralph LE GROSVENOR- b.1407
Randall GROSVENOR- b.1455 // Robert GROSVENOR- b.1443
Randall GROSVENOR- b.1480 // Richard GROSVENOR- b.1480
Elizabeth GROSVENOR- b.1515 // Sir Thomas GROSVENOR- b.1505
Rev. Edward BULKELEY- b.1540 // Thomas GROSVENOR- b.1529
Martha BULKELEY- b.1572 // Richard GROSVENOR- b.1562
Christian MELLOWES- b.1611 // Christina GROSVENOR- b.1587
Sarah PETIT- b.1648 // Robert DANIELS Immigrant- b.1600
Elsje SKILLMAN- b.1672 // Joseph DANIELS Dea.- b.1640
Jannetje ATEN- b.1704 // Captain Eleazer DANIELS- b.1681
Thomas LUCAS- b.1730 // Rachel DANIELS- b.1720
Abraham LUCAS- b.1761 // Abner RAWSON- b.1764
Thomas LUCAS- b.1788 // Amariah RAWSON- b.1787
Marcy Jane LUCAS- b.1814 // Adaline RAWSON- b.1811
Polly WILLIAMS- b.1838 // Mary DUNN- b.1833
Elizabeth Ann DAVIS- b.1859 // Harriett Camilla ENSIGN- b.1859
Laura Elizabeth PARKER- b.1889 // George Ensign SMITH- b.1898
Kirt DeMar WOOD- b.1923 // Camilla SMITH- b. 1926
Lark // Lark
JR // JR

And again:
George Ensign SMITH and JR are 24th cousins 4 times removed.
Their common ancestors are Saire DE QUINCY Earl Winchester and Margaret DE BEAUMONT.
Lines of Descent from Saire DE QUINCY EW & DE BEAUMO
DE QUINCY Earl of Winchester- // Hawise DE QUINCY Countess Oxford-
Elena DE QUINCY- // Isabel DE VERE Baroness Okhmptn- b.1222
Roger LA ZOUCHE Baron of Ashby- b.1240 // Sir Hugh DE COURTENAY
Baron of
Alan LA ZOUCHE Baron of Ashby- b.1267 // Hugh DE COURTENAY
1st Earl Devon, (High Admiral)-b.1275
Elena LA ZOUCHE- b.1288 // Hugh DE COURTENAY 2nd Earl Devon-b.1303
Alan DE CHARLTON- b.1318 // Edward DE COURTENAY- b.1329
Thomas DE CHARLTON- b.1345 // de Hugh COURTENAY Sir- b.1365
Anna DE CHARLTON- b.1362 // Margaret COURTENAY- b.1369
Thomas CHARLTON- b.1394 // Sir William DE GRENVILLE Lord of
Kilkhampton, &
Bediford, Cornwall- b.1397
Robert CHARLTON- b.1430 // Sir. Thomas GRENVILLE- b.1425
Richard CHARLTON- b.1450 // Sir Thomas GRENVILLE Knight- b.1449
Anne CHARLTON- b.1482 // Sir Roger GRENVILLE- b.1477
Elizabeth GROSVENOR- b.1515 // Amy GRENVILLE- b.1513
Rev. Edward BULKELEY- b.1540 // Robert DRAKE- b.1530
Martha BULKELEY- b.1572 // William DRAKE- b.1564
Christian MELLOWES- b.1611 // John DRAKE Immigrant- b.1600
Sarah PETIT- b.1648 // John DRAKE Immigrant- b.1625
Elsje SKILLMAN- b.1672 // Mary DRAKE- b.1666
Jannetje ATEN- b.1704 // Catherine MARSHALL- b.1699
Thomas LUCAS- b.1730 // Catherine FOWLER- b.1723
Abraham LUCAS- b.1761 // Lydia NOBLE- b.1768
Thomas LUCAS- b.1788 // Horace Datus ENSIGN- b.1797
Marcy Jane LUCAS- b.1814 // Martin Luther ENSIGN- b.1831
Polly WILLIAMS- b.1838 // Harriett Camilla ENSIGN- b.1859
Elizabeth Ann DAVIS- b.1859 // George Ensign SMITH- b.1898
Laura Elizabeth PARKER- b.1889 // Camilla SMITH- b. 1926
Kirt DeMar WOOD-13 b.1923 // Lark
Lark // JR

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