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Legacy of Faith.

Susquehanna River

Beginning the Family Legacy of Faith.
Ancestor, convert baptism, date and place.
Starting with 7 generations back from my children 1831 through 1946.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded Apr 1830, New York.
7th generation
Shadrach ROUNDY and Betsey QUIMBY ROUNDY
Jan 1831, New York (road horse bare back across New York to meet Joseph Smith)
Daughter 6th generation
Alemda Sophia ROUNDY PARKER (one year old child with parents 1831, New York)
1838 baptized in Ohio

6th generation
John Davis PARKER
1832, New York (baptized by Shadrach Roundy)
7th generation
Simeon Adams DUNN and Adaline RAWSON DUNN
Apr 1839 Michigan (walked to Nauvoo to meet Joseph Smith)
Daughter 6th generation
Mary DUNN ENSIGN (6 year old child with parents 1839)
baptized 1841 Nauvoo, Illinois
7th generation
Marcy Jane LUCAS WILLIAMS BARNEY (widow with children)
Between 1840 and 1844, Illinois
Daughter 6th generation
Polly WILLIAMS DAVIES (2 year old child with mother 1840)
baptized July 1847 Iowa
7th generation
Daniel William SMITH and Sarah WOODING SMITH
He Oct 1841, England and she Dec 1841, England
(Daniel died in Nauvoo)
Son 6th generation
Samuel SMITH (with first wife two small children)
Dec 1841, England
7th generation
William Reese DAVIES and Rachel MORRIS DAVIES
Feb 1843, Wales (William- first native Welch Missionary, Rachel- first woman baptized in Wales)
Son 6th generation
James George DAVIS (11 year old boy with parents 1843)
1845, Wales
6th generation
George Washington GIBSON (with first wife and 11 children)Dec 1843, Mississippi
7th generation
William INGRAM and Susannah GRIFFITHS
1844, England (both died on the way to Nauvoo leaving 3 small children)
6th generation
Sarah Jane INGRAM (5 year old child when parents died 1844 England)baptized 1852 in Utah
7th generation
May 1844, Massachusetts (Horace died at Winter Quarters)
Son 6th generation
Martin Luther ENSIGN (13 year old boy with parents 1844 Massachusetts)baptized in Utah 1852
7th generation
Thomas JONES and Mary WILLIAMS JONES (married 1848)He baptized May 1845, England and she baptized Feb 1847
Son 6th generation
Cyrus Joseph JONES (born in the church)
baptized 1860, England
7th generation
Henry WORLEY and Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY (nine of ten children born into the Church)He early 1848, England and she Mar 1848
Daughter 6th generation
Sarah WORLEY JONES (born in the church 1851)Baptized 1865 England
7th generation
William George COLE and Sarah LARNDER COLE (four of nine children born into the Church)
He Feb 1848, England her Apr 1848
Daughter 6th generation
Eliza COLE HAWKES (unmarried mother with child)
Nov 1848, England
7th generation
Joseph NEWMAN and Elizabeth HUGHES NEWMAN (six living children)Dec 1850, England (Joseph was excommunicated for doing business with the Army at Fort Douglas. 1823 blessings were restored by George Albert Smith)
Daughter 6th generation1923
Ann Elizabeth NEWMAN GIBSON (10 year old child 1850)1853 England
6th generation
John WOOD and Ellen SMITH WOOD (with small child, nine of ten children born into church)
May 1851, England

7th generation
Mary Ann MILES HAWKES (widowed mother and grandmother)Jun 1851, England
Son 6th generation
Francis HAWKES (22 years old)Dec 1852, England
6th generation
John Washington BELL and Elizabeth CURL BELL (parents of four adult children)
May 1905, Indiana
Daughter 5th generation
Elizabeth Jane BELL (widowed mother of ten almost grown children)Sep 1906, Indiana
Son 4th generation
Edgar Webster REASOR and Lillie Belle LYTLE REASOR (six children were born into church)Apr 1908, Indiana

3rd generation
grandma Wanda (had married a church member four years earlier)Aug 1946, Kentucky

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