Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Hans Josist HITE / HEYDT

Jost Hite and Winchester [Virginia]

German emigrant Jost Hite and about 16 other German and Scots-Irish families from Pennsylvania came to this region in 1732, creating one of the early permanent European settlements. The settled along the Opequan Creek watershed northwest of the present-day city of Winchester. Soon after their arrival, a number of other communities developed regionally, including Fredericktown, present-day Winchester. Winchester was chartered as a town in 1732. It began as a small farming community that developed into a thriving town and important trading center at the junction of several transportation arteries.

 Ancestry Chain: 7th great grandfather Hans Joist (Justus) HITE b.1685, Elizabeth HITE b.1711, Jacob FROMAN Sr. b.1748, Jacob FROMAN Jr. b.1771, Fannie Eliza FROMAN b.1810, Fielding ROBERSON b.1838, Reuben Russell ROBERSON b.1893, Grandma Wanda, MRR, JR.

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