Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrate July 4th - Our Family Contributions to Freedom

Grandfathers Build the Nation - Revolutionary War: 

from pedigree chart of  Daniel Breckenridge REASOR:
Paul RAZOR 1750-1835
Michael Jr. REASOR 1760-1843
from pedigree chart of  Elizabeth Jane BELL:
Phillip SHUCK 1760-1835
Johannes Martin Shuck 1723-1804

from pedigree chart of James Warren LYTLE: 
Captain  David Milton CREWS 1740-1821
from pedigree chart of Louisiana BROWN
Lt. Garrett Williams 1755-1824

from pedigree chart of Fielding ROBERSON:
Jacob Sr. FROMAN 1749-1820
Paul FROMAN 1749-1783
from pedigree chart of Mary Ann DENBO: 
Captain Elijah DENBO 1738-1823
Walter Capt. CUNNINGHAM 1740-1805
Solomon DENBO 1751-1842

from pedigree chart of Rhoda Helen BAYSINGER: 
Jacob HOUSER 1730-1802
from pedigree chart of Charles PARKER Sr:
Capt. John Sr. DAVIS 1721-1816 (New York)
Uriah ROUNDY 1756-1813 (Vermont)
Moses QUIMBY 1755-1840 (wounded at Battle of Bunker Hill, Massachusetts)
from pedigree chart of Elizabeth Ann DAVIS:
Abraham LUCAS 1761-1841 (Private – Pennsylvania)
Thomas LUCAS 1730-1824 (Pennsylvania)
Thomas KELSEY 1729-1811
Johannes Michael HOBLIT (Habluzel) 1730-1796 (Private - Pennsylvania Line)

from pedigree chart of Harriet Camilla ENSIGN and her father Martin Luther ENSIGN:
Isaac ENSIGN 1756-1843 (Private 1777)
(Lieut.) Abner COOLEY 1714-1788 (Private - Major Andrew Colton’s company of Minute Men 1775, Col. Danielson’s regiment at Boston 1775)
Elijah REMINGTON 1743-1804 (Private - Connecticut)
Jeduthan SAWYER 1713-1792 (Massachusetts)
from pedigree chart of Harriet Camilla ENSIGN and her mother Mary DUNN:
Samuel GUSTIN Jr. 1718-1791 (New Hampshire)
Abner RAWSON 1764-1846 (age 16 Massachusetts Militia)
Nathaniel RAWSON 1716-1803 (Private - Minute Man at the Lexington Alarm)
John JEFFORDS III 1746- (Rohde Island)
Elihu CARPENTER 1752-1827 (Corporal in Lexington, New York and White Plains, Quartermaster- Sergeant Rhode Island, Sergeant Rehoboth Massachusetts to Point Judith)
Samuel GUSTIIN Jr. 1718-1791 (New Hampshire)

Grandfathers Preserve Independence - War of 1812:

from pedigree chart of Lillie Belle LYTLE:
Jeremiah Crews 1768-1837 

from pedigree chart of Laura Elizabeth PARKER:
John Davis PARKER 1799-1891

Grandfathers Save the Union - Civil War:

from pedigree chart of  Reuben Russell ROBERSON:
Fielding ROBERSON 1838-1924
from pedigree chart of  Edna Lula SEATON
Thomas R. SEATON 1822-1863
Michael BAYSINGER 1805-1870

Grandfathers Protect Freedom - World War I:

from pedigree chart of Camilla SMITH:
George Ensign SMITH 1898-1967

Grandfathers Protect Freedom - World War II:

Garland Lee REASOR 1917-2004
Kirt DeMar WOOD 1923-1987

Grandfathers Protect Freedom - Korean War:

Garland Lee REASOR 1917-2004

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