Sunday, May 12, 2013

Your Mother Loves You!

May 2013 JR
I know my mother loves me because...
She learned to text.
She wants to talk to me.
She thinks I'm nice. 
She prays for things I'm afraid to ask for. 
She listens to my complaints. 
She doesn't raise her voice at me. 
She reminds me to be nice.
She does hard things to make my life comfortable.
She asks me to visit. 
She drives across the country to visit me.
She tells me the truth.
She gives me advice. 
She worries that I'm lost in the airport. 
She sits on the other end of the phone when we've run our of things to say, or I just need to know that someone will listen when I'm ready to speak. 
She taught me how to sew and bought me a sewing machine.
She allowed me to do things like sing, perform in plays, and play the flute.
She sat through hours and hours of boring concerts.
She trusted me to make good choices. 
She drove me/or let dad drive hours and hours to be with Mormon friends once every few months. 
She gives me hugs.
She reads the scriptures.
She has a picture of me on the fridge.
She's not worried that I'm not married.
She likes my hair no matter how I cut it.
She ate pie for breakfast on my many birthdays.

(Mother's Day)

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