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Holy Roman Emperor

Sixteen of our Grandfathers who were Holy Roman Emperors.

Carolingian dynasty

Charles I (Charlemagne) also known as Charles the Great and the Father of Europe, LIFE: 742-814, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 800-814. Founder of the Holy Roman Empire. King of the Lombards 774-814, and King of the Franks 768-814. The oldest son of Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon.  [ANCESTRY: Charlemagne is our 41st-47th great grandfather over 100 times through both Kirt DeMar WOOD and Camilla SMITH.]

Louis I the Pious, also called the Fair, and the Debonaire, LIFE: 778-840HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 816-840. Son of Emperor Charles I and HildegardeLouis I was also King of Aquitaine from 781, and King of the Franks until his death. [ANCESTRY: Grandfather]

 Lothair ILIFE: 795-855HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 823-855 co-ruling with his father until 840.  Also the King of Bavaria (815–817), King of Italy(818–855) and King of Middle Francia (840–855).  Son of Louis I the Pious and Ermengarde of Hesbaye. [ANCESTRY: Grandfather]
=Louis II
Charles II "the Bald," LIFE 823-877, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 875-877. Also King of West Francia (840–877). He was the youngest son of the Emperor Louis I the Pious by his second wife Judith of Bavaria[ANCESTRY: Grandfather]
=Charles III

Guideschi dynasty

=Guy III
=Lambert II

Carolingian dynasty

=Arnulf of Carinthia

Bosonid dynasty

Louis 'the Blind' LIFE 880-928, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 901-905. Also King of Provence 901-905 King of Italy 900-905. Son of Boso II (V) King of Provence and grandson of Emperor Louis II. [ANCESTRY: Louis 'the Blind' is 34th-41st great grandfather over 100 times through both Kirt DeMar WOOD and Camilla SMITH.]

Unruoching dynasty

 Berengar I LIFE: 845-923, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 915-924.  Also Margrave of Friuli 874-887, and King of Italy 887-915.  Grandson of Emperor Louis I.  [ANCESTRY: Berengar I is 34th-40th great grandfather over 100 times through both Kirt DeMar WOOD and Camilla SMITH.]

There was no emperor in the west between 924 and 962.

Holy Roman Emperors

Ottonian (Saxon) dynasty

 Otto I 'the Great' LIFE: 915-973, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 962-973. Founder of the Holy Roman Empire. The oldest son of Henry I the Fowler King of Germany and Saint Mathilda (or Matilda) of Ringelheim.  Otto was the first of the Germans to be called the emperor of Italy. [ANCESTRY: Otto I is 34th-39th great grandfather over 100 times through both Kirt DeMar WOOD and Camilla SMITH.]

 Otto II 'the Red' LIFE: 955-983, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 967-983. Son of Otto I. King of Italy 980-983, King of Germany 961-963. Son of Otto I and his second wife 
Saint Adelaide of Italy. [ANCESTRY: Grandfather]

=Otto III [ANCESTRY: Uncle]
Henry II

Salian (Frankish) dynasty

 Conrad II (Konrad) LIFE: abt 990-1039, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 1027-1039. King of the Romans also known as King of the Germans 1027-1039, King of Italy.  Son of a mid-level nobleman in Franconia, Count Henry of Speyer and Adelaide of Alsace. [ANCESTRY: Conrad II is our 31st to 36th great grandfather through both Kirt DeMar WOOD and Camilla SMITH.]

Henry III called the Black or the Pious LIFE:1017-1056, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 1046-1056.  Crowned King of Germany on Easter Day 1028. Son of Conrad II and Gisela of Swabia. [ANCESTRY: Grandfather]

Henry IV the Black (Heinrich) LIFE: 1050-1106, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 1084-1105. King of the Romans also known as King of the Germans 1084–1105.  Son of Herny III and Agnes of Poitou aka Agnes of Aquitaine also Empress Agnes. [ANCESTRY: Grandfather]

=Henry V [ANCESTRY: Uncle and step grandfather] He was married to our grandmother Empress Matilda daughter of Henry I King of England and mother of Henry II King of England they were our grandparents.

Supplinburg dynasty

=Lothair III [ANCESTRY: Cousin]

Staufen (or Hohenstaufen) dynasty

Frederick I LIFE: 1122-1190, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 1155-1190 King of Italy 1155-1190, King of Germany formally King of the Romans 1152-1190, King of Burgundy 1152-1190.  Son of Frederick II called the One-Eyed Duke of Swabia and Judith of Bavaria. [ANCESTRY: Kirt DeMar WOOD and Camilla SMITH are both descendants of Frederick I. He is 28 times the 25th-30th great grandfather of their grandchildren.]   

=Henry VI

Welf dynasty

Staufen (or Hohenstaufen) dynasty

House of Luxembourg

Henry VII  LIFE: 1274-1313, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 1312-1313.  King of the Romans 1308-1313, King of Italy 1311-1313.  Son of Henry VI Count of Luxembourg and Beatrice d'Avesnes.  [ANCESTRY: Henry VII 21st great grandfather of Camilla SMITH's grandchildren.]

House of Wittelsbach

House of Luxembourg

=Charles IV Charles IV [ANCESTRY: Charles IV is an Uncle not a grandfather. His sister Bonne of Bohemia is our grandmother, they are the children of  John the Blind King of Bohemia and Elizabeth Princes of Bohemia..]

=Sigismund of Luxemburg [ANCESTRY: Cousin]

House of Habsburg 

House of Wittelsback 

House of Habsburg-Lorraine

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