Friday, November 16, 2012

1956 Slide Show

 Living Room 8th East - D, C
Mom and D, C, G, L
C, D and G, L
C, G, L, D
G, L
"When I was six, one morning before school playing in the living room with Corky,  she pocked me in the eye.  My eye hurt but mother sent me to school.  My eye continued tearing and I couldn't open it at school.   So the teacher called my mother at work, she took me to the Doctor.  Corky had scratched my iris  and I had to wear a patch for at least a week.   My dad included this event in a brief history of his children."
D, C
double hop scotch - G, L
G, D, C, L
Back Yard Picnic with Rogers family - Mom, G,_,Sis Rogers, L with doll
_, _,G, C, L,_
Mom, L, _, Doug Rogers, _,C, red headed kid
Nibley Park Elementary School  - D, C
D, C
Grand Tetons - L,  D foot, Mom, C
Kitchen 8th East - G, C
D, L
Invited to see Santa with Dean family - _, _, _, D, C, L, G
_ _ _ _ D C L G
_,_,C, L,_,G, D
Santa _ _ D L C_G Mom in back
Christmas Morning - G, L, D, C
C, L, D
L still has this doll.
Christmas day at Grandma Ella's with Leona and her 3 girls, Camilla and her 4 girls.
Christmas day with grandma Laura and Delna, then Camilla and 'Dee' with their 4 girls.

More 1956 WOOD slides to be added as they are scanned.

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