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Louisiana BROWN and James Warren LYTLE from THE LYTLE FAMILY Edited by G. Lloyd REASOR

Grandma [Louisiana BROWN] LYTLE

by G. Lloyd REASOR 1917-1999
(see page 15)
Louisiana Brown [1848-1932] [she is the maternal grandmother of Grandpa Lee] is the 18th child of William Brown [abt 1801-1881] [aka Billy 19] and Louisiana Williams [1809-bef 1869] [aka Lucy Ann]. She was born near Wichliffe in Crawford County Indiana. Born 1850, she lived most of her life within a few miles of her birthplace. Her mother died during the Civil War while Louisiana was a single young woman living at home. Soon her father told her he was bringing another woman to live with him and there was only room for one woman in the house. She moved in with a married sister and in a short time 9 Sep 1869 married James Warren Lytle 1852-1907.
The family of William BROWN - front center "Billy 19"

Her father, [Billy 19] married the other woman Malinda [B. CRAWFORD MATHERS
GRAVES BROWN - she is the 2nd great-grandmother of Grandma Wanda], earlier in 1869.

James and Louisiana lived around Taswell except for a short time when they lived near Bloomington, Indiana.

Louisiana received deeds to all of the real estate that James had title to 10 Nov 1897. Apparently they separated about that time. Louisiana lived as head of her family from that time on.

As early as 1920, she was living in Taswell and was still living in Taswell at her death.

Lillie (daughter) Louisiana (mother) Rosa (daughter)

Lillie [Belle LYTLE REASOR 1887-1895] tells that shortly after she and EdgarWEBSTER REASOR 1885-1953] were married, they visited Louisiana. Louisiana told mom she was lonesome and wanted her to stay. Mom agreed. When it came time for Edgar to leave, he asked Mom to go part way with him. She agfreed. He promptly persuaded her to go home with him. He said, "I married you because I wanted you to be with me."

She died 6 Apr 1932 at the home of her youngest son, Zene [Monroe LYTLE 1884-1977].
Front row ___, ___, third from left Lillie Belle LYTLE REASOR, Louisiana BROWN LYTLE, Rosa Montzella LYTLE SPEEDY (COLEMAN),___. Back from left ___, Edgar Webster REASOR,___,___,___,___,George Washington SPEEDY.
James Austin, Charlie Newton, Joseph Lemuel, Lillie Belle, George Fredrick, Rosa Montzella , Zene Monroe.
Not pictured-Alexander died at age 5 and Willie died at age 4
about 1961

(page 228)
This 13 day of Jan. 1952, I am trying to write a history of the LYTLE Family. My father's name was James Warren Lytle. My mother's name was Louisiana Brown. In her family there were 19 Children. Her father's name was Billie Brown. (Then follows an incomplete list of children.)

Vesta, Rosetta, and Tilda all died in early life. Dewey was killed in the North-South War. Grandmother Brown was awfully sick. Grandpa sent Alfred, Elbern and Dewey to get medicine for Grandma. So they captured Dewey and Elbern and took them and both horses with them, as they did so many men and boys. So Alftred had to walk back home. He was about 12 or 13, Ma said. The shock and other sickness took Grandma away to her heavenly home.

Then one by one Grandpa sent them out on their own. Mother kept house for him awhile. Then James W. Lytle happened along and they went together for a while. Then one day Grandpa told her he could get married if she wasn't there. And one day Grandpa brought a woman in their home. Grandpa told Mother they could get along without her. So she went to Aunt Susan Crew's her sister stayed there a few weeks. [Louisana's older sister Susan A. BROWN was married to David M. CREWS he was the younger brother of Mary Elizabeth CREWS abt 1826-1891 she and David Alexander LITTLE/LYTLE abt 1830-1859 were the parents of James Warren LYTLE.] Then James W. Lytle and Louisiana Brown were married [9 Sep 1869]. They lived over back of Taswell, Indiana for awhile. Then moved over around Bloomington, Indiana. There was where Z.M. Lytle was born. She named him Zene Monroe for the county they lived in. I don't remember where [A]lexander, Ausin, Charlie, Willie, Lem, myself and Fred were born unless our birthplace was back of Taswell, Indian. I was small.

When Father built the house where we were all raised in 1 1/2 miles from Taswell, and Mifflin where Lillie was born. Father and Mother had 9 children. [A]lexander, the oldest and Lillie the youngest. [A]lexander died when he was 5, and Willie died at the age of 4, I think. The rest of the children are all living up to now, the year Jan. 13, 1954.

(page 229)
Father passed away over 40 years ago. Mother 22 years ago. Father had pneumonia, only lived 3 days. Mother had a stroke which took her way. James Warren Lytle was born yr. 1852. He married at the age of 20 or 21; died yer. 1907 at the age of 55.

Father, James Waren Lytle, the best I remember of mother and father talking about father and where he used to live, was in Ky. and on to Indiana. At the age of 19 or 20, his father [David Alexander LYTLE / Little] abt 1830-1859] fell out of a barn loft and broke his neck. Then is when they began to travel. Grandpa had a brother named Joseph [(Josephu Little)]. But my father, James W. Lytle, Grandma and his mother [Mary Elizabeth CREWS] and two brothers, Dave and Newt, and Peggie as everyone called her; her name was Margret. They lived in Indiana. Dave and Father, Margret and Grandma most of the time after they settled in Ind. Uncle Newt moved to Knox Cl. and raised his familyt here, till death took him and part of the family.

James Warren Lytle was a hard working man. He had many unfortunate things to happen to him. One thing, about the saddest, was when Rosa was 3 days old, he was cutting timber. One tree lodged on another so the man and Father cut the tree and it hit him and broke his right arm in the shoulder. He was always a cripple, no use of that arm. So he went throught life a cripple. They had 3 children after his accident.

We lived in Crawford C. 1 1/2 miles to Taswell and 1 1/2 miles to Mifflin, where they raised us children. Father was 55 when he died. He had pneumonia fever, only lasted 3 days and went to his heavenly home. And laid to rest in Mifflin Cem. Mother was laid to rest in Taswell cemetery by her request. At the time of her death she was living at Taswell, Ind. She was 86 yrs. 2 weeks and 3 days old.

Rosa Monzell Lytle married George [Washington] Speedy. He was a [Methodist] Minister for 26 years....

by Lillie Belle LYTLE REASOR 1887-1985
(page 336)
The year 1887, James Warren Lytle lived on a small farm in a valley with cliffs on either side. He had 6 children. Namely, Austin, Charlie, Lemuel, Rosa, George, and Zene. On Feb 23, 1887 another little blond girl, that little firl's name was Littie Belle (me) came to live with them. The last of the family increase.

We lived in a four room house, pretty full, but we had fun at Mufflin, Ind.
James Warren LYTLE

James Warren LYTLE
(see page 4-5 and 7-8)
by G. Lloyd REASOR 1917-1999
James was born 4 June, 1850/1852, the second son of Alexander Newton Lytle and Elizabeth Crews. In the 1880 U.S. Census he is listed as being born in Kentucky. The first recorded Lylte information in Crawford County is found int he Marriage Register. This shows that Elizabeth Lytle married Miles Tucker in 1862. In the same register is listed the marriage of James to Louisiana Brown 9 September, 1869.

(see page 3)
Mac Tucker writes that Elizabeth Crews was the wife of Newton Lytle. She had three siblings: Redman, Polly and David. In the 1880 census Elizabeth, age 59, born in Kentucky and parents born in Kentucky, lived with Miles Tucker in Patoka Township, Crawford County. Also living in the township were David Lylte, James Warren Lytle, Jeremiah Newton Lytle, and a David Crews, age 51. [David S. Lytle and Jeremiah Newton Lytle are brothers of James Warren Lytle] Elizabeth CREWS LYTLE married Miles TUCKER in 1862.

[Other Sources:
Parents of James Warren LYTLE are David Alexander Little/Litle/Lytle as first husband of Mary Elizabeth CREWS LYTLE TUCKER.]

(see page 4-5 and 7-8)
On October 26, 1878, James purchased 40 acres of land from David M. Cruse, who was probably his uncle and also his brother in-law. This land is North East of Taswell. He is the first recorded Lytle to own real estate in Crawford County. He sold this property September 4, 1880, and in December 1880, bought the "old home place" between Mifflin and Taswell. This was 40 acres for which he paid $125. He had sold the other for $250.

Later he purchased three other pieces of poperty near Taswell and Mifflin. On November 10, 1897, all four pieces of property were deeded to Louisiana, his wife. The deed was not from James but from Crawford county for the sum of $77.08. The record does not show how the county got title. It could have been for back taxes.

James and Louisiana separated while Lillie was a young girl. Perhaps the property changes hands after the separation. Lillie was born in 1887. There is no record of divorce action. The record does not show that James ever owned any other property.

The obituary gives the death of James as 26 Feb 1907. Lillie says that he died from pneumonia at the home of his oldest son, Austin, who lived near Taswell He is buried at the Mifflin cemetery.

Other information from family sources lists these items. He was about 5 foot 7 inches tall, slender build, with blonde hair and a brown mustache. He looked a lot like his son Charlie. Lillie related that before she was old enough to remember, he was struck on the shoulder by a limb from a falling tree which impaired his right arm. He always kept his right hand tucked into his trousers pocket. The arm impairment caused his hand to be in a clenched fist condition at all times. The fingers could be straightened but would return to the clenched position when released. In spite of this he drove a team of mules or horses farming, lumbering, and barrel making. In driving he would use his teeth as a second hand to control and guide the team.

The children and grandchildren of James and Warren Lytle and Louisiana Brown who lived to adulthood are: Austin and wife Vi (Fay, May)--Charles and wife Annie (Dovie)--Lem and Leona (Ada, Esther, Iris, Morris)--Rose and George Speedy (Roy, Carl)--Fred and Helen (Alma, Nora, Ernest, Violet)--Zene and Emma (Roy, Hazel, Hubert, Mildred, Robert, Margie)--Lillie and Edgar Reasor (Gladys, Glenn, Goldia, Gerald, Lloyd, Lee).
LYTLE cousins about 1961
Family Group
James Warren LYTLE and Louisiana BROWN and 9 children.

Ancestry Chain: BR, MRR, Garland Lee REASOR, Lillie Belle LYTLE, gr. gr. grandparents James Warren LYTLE and Louisiana BROWN

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