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John GUSTIN “Augustine Le Rossignol Jean” of the Isle of Jersey, Massachusetts Colony, and Maine

Augustine Jean Ancestry p.1

Parts from The Gustin Family SLFHL, GENEALOGICAL AND PERSONAL MEMORIES, MIDDLESEX CO. MASS. by Cotter, From NEW ENGLAND MARRIAGES PRIOR T0 1700, The Ancestry of John Gustin by Susan McComb, Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 Huguenot ancestry, GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE FIRST SETTLERS OF NEW ENGLAND, ANCESTRY OF JOHN S. GUSTIN, Wiltis's History of Portland, ME., Smith and Deans' Journal, and other GUSTIN histories authors not listed:

Augustine Jean was born in the village of La Tacq, Parish of St. Ouens, Isle of Jersey, , Channel Islands, England, 9 Jan 1647. He was a French Norman. The tradition of the sea was in his blood and there must have been the lure of the distant horizons an heritage of his Viking ancestors -- as even before he was 28 years old tradition has it that he made more than one voyage to America on his own ship. In Nov. 1674 his father Edmond /Edmund JEAN de la Tacq of St. Owens (1597-1674) died severing the last of his ties to home, his mother Esther La Rossignol (1612-1672) had died two years before. The following spring 1675 he sailed to America as Captain in the merchant service with Pierre Baudoin. He settled first in Reading, Massachusetts were he was known as “Mariner of the Isle of Jersey.”

His full baptismal name was “Augustine Le Rossignol Jean” by this name he sold his estate in the Isle of Jersey in 1677. He was named ofter his mother’s brother. The name Augustine Jean little by little was anglicized to John Gustin. He can be found as Augustin Jean, Augustine John, John AUGuststin, Gustine, Gustan, Guston, Gustin, Etc.

King Philip’s War was at its height John GUSTIN was in Marlboro Massachusetts and served as sergeant in the company of Capt. Beers who was killed in a battle known as Beers' Ambush. He served under Captain Turner. Captain. Turner was killed by the Indians at the battle of Falls Fight.

After the war he received a grant of land from Gov. Danforth at Falmouth in 1680 and the privilege of operating a brick yard. He bought more Falmouth land with money left his by his father and mother. He was granted a fourth lot with liberty in the cove for a brick yard. In his Will he describes these lands as ‘lying in Casco Bay, at Martin’s Point and Pasumscot River,’ now the city of Portland, Maine.

He had married, 10 Jan 1678, Eliza / Elizabeth BROWN born March 26, 1657 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA and died Aft. 1720 in Falmouth, Cumberland, ME. Elizabeth was the daughter of Capt. John BROWN of Watertown and Ester (Hester) MAKEPEACE and granddaughter of Thomas
MAKEPEACE of Boston. In the following year John and Elizabeth moved to his new property where their first son, Samuel and a daughter Sarah were born.

On 26 May 1690, the French, assisted by a party of Abenakis Indians, captured, sacked and burned Falmouth, John Gustin and and the Browne families being among the very few who escaped from that slaughter. After the attack only a chair was left on the Gustin property. The Gustin's fled to Lynn, where they remained until 1719. Children born in Lynn, Massachusetts were John, Abigail, Ebenezer, Thomas, and David. The title to the Falmouth property was listed in the will of [Augustine Jean].
[During King William's War [the first of the French and Indian Wars], on September 21, 1689, Major Benjamin Church and 250 troops defended the town of Falmouth, Maine from native attack. 21 of his men were killed or wounded. Church then return to Boston leaving the small group of English settlers unprotected. (The following spring, May 1690, Castin returned with over 400 French and native troops and massacred the English settlers in the Battle of Fort Loyal. When Church returned to the village he buried the dead.) (Wikipedia, Falmouth, Maine.)]

He moved from Lynn, Massachusetts back to Falmouth 1n 1719. When he died aft 3 July 1719 in Falmouth, Cumberland, Main. He left a widow and seven children.

Children of John GUSTIN and Elizabeth BROWNE:
Sarah (1679-1721)
Samuel (1681-1719)
Elizabeth E. (1685-1805)
William (1687-1721)
Mary (1689-1752)
John (1691-1777)
Abigail (1693-1787)
Ebenezer Eleasar (1696-1794)
Thomas (1698-1765)
David Augustine (1702-1765)
North Western New Jersey History p.11

Ancestry Chain: 9th great grandfather (John GUSTIN) Augustine La Rossingnol JEAN b.1647, (Reverend) Samuel GUSTIN Sr. b.1681, Samuel Jr. GUSTIN (Rev. War) b.1718, Ann GUSTIN-3680 b.1760, Simeon A. DUNN b.1774, Simeon Adams DUNN b.1803, Mary DUNN b.1833, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859, George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark , JR.
From The Gustin Compendium by Gustine Weaver, New England Families by William Richard Cutter and other histories:

The Father of Elizabeth BROWNE GUSTIN was John BROWN (III) born in England 1631 as an infant [1632] was brought Boston in. John BROWNE
(III) was called a Scotchman. Son of John BROWN (II) born 1601 and wife Dorothy KENT, who came to American in 1632, in the ship "Lion" and settled at Watertown. John (III) lived in Watertown and Cambridge. John (III) [1662] moved to Marlboro, Massachusetts. He sold his farm there about the time that Elizabeth Brown married John Gustin and went with them [1678] to Falmouth Maine [then part of Massachusetts Colony]. From there, due to the destruction of the town by the Indians he went to Watertown, Massachusetts. Where he died in 1698. John (III) married Esther MAKEPEACE of Boston 24 April, 1655. She was born in England, daughter of Thomas MAKEPEACE and Alice BRASIER. John (III) and Esther BROWNE had eleven children. John’s will being dated 20 Nov. 1697 mentions his wife Esther, his children John, Thomas, Daniel, Joseph, Deborah, wife of Jeremiah Meachem, and sons-in-law John Gustin, John Adams, Thomas Darby and John Hartshorne.

Ancestry Chain: 10th great grandfather Capt. John (III) BROWN 1632-Immigant b.1631, Elizabeth BROWN-11436 b.1657, (Reverend) Samuel GUSTIN Sr. b.1681, Samuel Jr. GUSTIN (Rev. War) b.1718, Ann GUSTIN-3680 b.1760, Simeon A. DUNN b.1774, Simeon Adams DUNN b.1803, Mary DUNN b.1833, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859, George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark , JR.

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