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Father and son SHUCK Revolutionary War Service

'John' Shuck had been a Revolutionary soldier in Pa.
Johannes Martin SHUCK (1730-1804) and his brother Valentine Shuck arrived 1749 in Pennsylvania aboard the ship Albany in a group of 286 Wertenburgers from Erbach, Germany. Johannes Martin Shuck married Mary Margaret Wagoner, daughter of German immigrant Johann Jacob Wagoner (Wagner) (1700-1761). (1 Bits of History found on
During the Revolutionary War, Johannes Martin SHUCK served in Capt. Michael Weaver's Company, Northumberland Co. Militia. Philip's first term of two months substituted for his father. He was living in Northumberland Co., PA, when he enlisted. Philip returned home and was again drafted for two months in 1777 and again for two months in 1778 or 1779. (2 Bits of History found on

Son of Johannes Martin SHUCK and Mary Margaret WAGONER:
Phillip SHUCK (1860-1835)
15 April 1834 Philip Shuck, a resident of Harrison Co., IN, appeared in Open Court, Harrison Co., IN, aged 74 years, applying for a military pension (Act of Congress passed 7 June 1832). He stated that he "entered the service of the United States as a substitute for his father John Shuck in the year 1776" at which time he "marched on the frontiers against the Indians...about five miles (?) Susquehanna River - thirty miles above the forks at a place called (?) fort and remained then two months and was discharged...and returned home... He stated that after the Indians attacked "the fort", he joined about two hundred other volunteers...and was engaged...sometime in the year 1777...was discharged and again returned home...until the summer of 1778 or 1779...which company kept themselves at all times in radius to march against the Indians...which company was stationed on the opposite side of the River Susquehanna from the Town of Sunbury (located right on the Susquehanna River and at the site of a large frontier fort called Fort Augusta) which time he was discharged by said Captain. In consequences of old age and loss of memory he cannot recollect the names of any other of his officers except those he has named...cannot recollect the precise time he was in actual service during the three years but not less than eighteen months, that he was born in the state of Pennsylvania in the county of Berks in the year 1760. When he entered the service he resided in the County of North Cumberland and State of Pennsylvania. His age is recorded in a "bible formerly owned by his father and now in the possession of this applicant". From the County of Northumberland he moved to the County of Washington in the State of Kentucky in the year 1800 and from thence he removed to the state of Indiana, Harrison County where he now resides. That he never received a written discharge, that he has no "dockumentary evidence and he knows of no person who's testimony he can procure..." This document was witnessed by John Hedden "a clergyman residing in the county of Harrison" and Jesse Shields. (Harrison Co. Circuit Court, Corydon, Harrison Co., IN, Pension No. S-31958, June 2000) 10 May 1834 Philip Shuck applied for pension with the War Department, Pension Office, wherein he stated that he served 2 months in 1776 as a private, 2 months in 1777 as a private under Capt. Travers, 2 months in 1778 as a private under Capt. Travers, and as a volunteer in 1779 under Capt. Graves (?). He claims he was 74 years of age at the time and born in Pennsylvania. His claim was sent back to him for further information and later allowed for six month's service. (Harrison Co. Courthouse, Corydon, Harrison, IN, Pension No. S-31958, June 2000)

Nathional Archives Microfilm Publication

Ancestry Chain: Johannes Martin SHUCK Rev. War b.1723, Phillip SHUCK Rev. War b.1760, Catherine SHUCK b.1792, Mariah STEPRO b.1818, Elizabeth CURL b.1839, Elizabeth Jane BELL b.1863, Edgar Webster REASOR b.1885, Garland Lee (twin) REASOR USAF b.1917, MRR, BR.

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