Monday, December 12, 2011

Day to Celebrate and Reverence

Kirt and Camilla, with daughter and granddaughter 1982.

Dec 12 is a day to celebrate the birth of Kirt DeMar WOOD (1923-1987) husband and father of six. He was 8 when his 49 year old father died, and 47 when his mother died on his birthday. He was 63 at the time of his own death. "Papa" would be 88 years old today.

Grandma Laura with Jonathan, Lark, Denise, and Corinne.
Dec 12 is a day to reverence the death of "Dee's" mother Laura Elizabeth PARKER WOOD (1889-1970). She was widowed at the age of 43, with five of her seven children to care for, the youngest was 6. She died at the age of 81.

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Myrle Dalton said...

I have to smile when I see your mom's picture. She has very few pictures with her eyes open. I don't know why she always closed her eyes when the pictures were taken. I had forgotten how young your dad was....63 seems really, really young to me right now. It is a nice picture, and brought back a lot of memories about how your dad found out about his cancer and how good your mom was about 'correcting' the doctors on mis-diagnosis. She was always right on all the times (and there were quite a few) when she was the one that correctly diagnosed. I surely loved your mom and dad. Luvmyrle