Saturday, August 6, 2011

Then and Now

Kirt D. and Camilla WOOD had this house built in 1952. One side for their young family and the other for Kirt's mother Laura PARKER WOOD. Grandma lived next door for several years. Then she move to California to be near her oldest son Parker. When she came back the Woods had grown out of the duplex and had moved. Grandma Laura moved in with us there.

My daughter gave me this idea. On a resent trip to SLC we took three of our children and two grandchildren and ask the current owner if we could take some pictures. She was very nice and let us in the gate to the back porch to take the first photo.

The house where I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah then and now.

1954 and 57 years later 2011

1956 and 55 years later 2011

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I really love this.