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William, William and William CARPENTER

Description = Bevis Passenger list England to America in 1638 AD

Three Grandfathers (son, father, grandfather) all William Carpenter and One Grandmother (Abigail Briant Carpenter) Arrive Together on the Ship Bevis 1638

Ancestry Chain: 11th great-grandfather William CARPENTER Immigant b.1576, 10th great-grandfather William CARPENTER Immigant b.1605, 9th great-grandfather William CARPENTER Immigant b.1631, Daniel CARPENTER b.1669, Eleazer CARPENTER b.1704, Elihu CARPENTER b.1752, Betsy CARPENTER b.1788, Adaline RAWSON b.1811, Mary DUNN b.1833, Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859, George Ensign SMITH b.1898, Camilla SMITH b.1926, Lark JR.

The Rehoboth Carpenter family is an American family that helped settle the town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts in 1644.[1]

The first immigrant and founder of this line was William Carpenter (generation 1) (b. c1575 in England), his namesake son, William Carpenter (Generation 2) (c1605 in EnglandBevis from Southampton, England, in 1638. William Carpenter (Gen. 2) and the son's wife and children (then numbering four) arrived on the arrived on the Bevis from Southampton, England, in 1638. Nothing more is known of the father, William, in Massachusetts and he is presumed to have perished either in passage, shortly after arriving in the new world or, less likely he returned to England. William Carpenter (Gen. 2) is buried in the Newman Congregational Church Cemetery with a simple field stone marked with a "W. C.".

William Carpenter, (Gen. 2) first appears in New England records in 1640, as a resident of Weymouth, Massachusetts. He was among the founders (at Weymouth in late 1643) of the Plymouth Colony town of Rehoboth (settled 1644). His son, William (Gen. 3) Carpenter (b. 1631 in England - 1702/3 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA), was for many years Rehoboth town clerk, by virtue of which his name—not that of his father—appears with some frequency in Plymouth Colony records, in association with a number of local vital-records lists that he certified and forwarded to colony authorities. The name William Carpenter appears in copious Plymouth Colony records and in the writings of John Winthrop and in other public records over the generations.

Three Carpenter family houses in Rehoboth are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places: Christopher Carpenter House, Col. Thomas Carpenter III House, and Carpenter House.

William Carpenter (Gen. 1) born about 1575 in England. He died after 2 May 1638 (Bevis passenger list) and certainly before 1644 when his son, William settled in Rehoboth. He was of Newtown, Shalbourne Parish, Wiltshire, England, by 1608, when he became a copyholder (semipermanent leaseholder) at Westcourt Manor (Westcourt Recs 7). Shalbourne, completely in Wiltshire since 1895, previously it straddled the line separating Wiltshire and Berkshire, with Westcourt comprising the Wiltshire part of the parish (Shalbourne Map); the Hampshire border was/is about four miles away. It is likely that William was born in one of these three counties. William's renewal of his Westcourt tenancy on 22 June 1614 gives his age as 40 (Westcourt Recs 7). The passenger list of the Bevis, the ship on which he left England, is dated 2 May 1638 and states William's age as 62 leading to an estimate of about 1575 for his birth.

His son William Carpenter (Gen. 2) was born about 1605 in or of Wiltshire, England. He died 7 February 1658/1659 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. He married Abigail Briant, daughter of John & Alice, on 28 April 1625 in Shalbourne Parish, Berkshire, now in, Wiltshire, England.

Their children:

  1. John Carpenter - Christened 8 Oct.1626 in Shalborne Parish - Bevis passenger
  2. Abigail Carpenter - Chr. 31 May 1629 in Shalborne Parish - Bevis passenger
  3. William Carpenter (Gen. 3) - Chr. 22 Nov. 1631 in Shalborne Parish - Bevis Passenger
  4. Joseph Carpenter - Chr. 6 Apr. 1634 in Shalborne Parish - Bevis Passenger
  5. Samuel Carpenter - Chr. 1 Mar 1636/1637 d. 20 Apr 1637 both in Shalbourne Parish.
  6. Samuel Carpenter - b. abt. 1638 of, Weymouth, Norfolk, MA - his mother was probably pregnant on the Bevis
  7. Hannah Carpenter - b. 3 Apr. 1640 Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
  8. Abiah Carpenter - b. 9 Apr. 1643 of, Weymouth, Norfolk, MA

Ship BEVIS - DESTINATION: Weymouth 1638

Carpenter, William 62 carpenter, of Wherwell (listed "Horwell"cit.3), county Hampshire
Carpenter, William, Jr 33 carpenter, of Wherwell, county Hampshire
(wife) Carpenter, Abigail 32 (Maiden Name: Briant*; listed "Abigael"cit.3)
(child) Carpenter - under 10 (John*)
(child) Carpenter - under 10 (Abigail*)
(child) Carpenter - under 10 (William*)
(child) Carpenter - under 10 (Joseph*)
Banshott, Thomas 14 (Carpenter servant)

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