Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Devin Ferguson found this picture of Mary Ann SPARKS GIBSON in the St. George, UT "Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum." There are many of her grandchildren and step grandchildren who will be thrilled to finally see a picture of this amazing women.

Mary Ann SPARKS GIBSON (1802-1871) daughter of Josiah SPARKS and Lydia TOLLISON.
First wife of George Washington GIBSON (1800-1871) son of Robert GIBSON and Mary EVANS.

They were both born in Union County,
South Carolina and in 1822 were married there.
Mother of 11 children: Mary Densia GIBSON NEW, Robert Malek GIBSON, Lydia Ardelicia GIBSON HUNT, Robert Pulaski GIBSON, William Washington GIBSON, Francis Abigail GIBSON, William Gilbert GIBSON, Laura Arrilla GIBSON ANDRUS, Moses Washington GIBSON, Manomas Levina GIBSON ANDRUS, Joseph Smith GIBSON.

They joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mississippi and entered the Salt Lake Valley with the Pueblo / Mississippi Saints in July 1847. Settling in Cottonwood/Holladay then moving to the Dixie Mission. Where they both died at Duncan Retreat, UT and are buried in Grafton.

As time permits I will add photos of their children.

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